16 September 2014

West Elm Marble Cleat Box

 I've been admiring this box at West Elm for a while now, and I'm so excited to have had a (hopefully) great idea for it- I'm planning to use it as a recipe box. 

I've been wanting to clean out my recipe box for a while now. I don't really add to it anymore since most new recipes I come by now are online so I save them to my Pinterest board. So the recipes that I have that are actually written down are family recipes mostly, or ones I found years ago. But they are kind of a mess, and the box they are in is looking worn out. It's a photo box that I covered in vintage recipes a few years ago. 

It was really cute when I first made it but now the recipes on the outside are peeling off at the edges and the whole thing is just looking like it's lived it's life. Plus I've been wanting something smaller since the photo box takes up a lot of space. Back when I first made it it was great since I was always adding new recipes to it and it had plenty of room. But now that I rarely if ever add a recipe to my collection that's actually written down, I really don't need something this large. So I'm super excited for my new box to get here. Hopefully I can make it work; it's quite a bit smaller than what I'm used to and even too small to hold an index card which is what all my recipes are on. So I'm going to have to do something different with them all. But I'm excited for the excuse to purge! 

11 September 2014

Just Some Stuff

 I'm completely obsessed with this house tour on Style Me Pretty. If you love white interiors, you must check it out. 

I just got West Elm's newest catalog in the mail and I love their new lighting. Especially this:

I want it hanging in my bathroom. 

And finally, I'm trying to come up with an easy project to teach at a craft night coming up at church. I'm determined to figure out something to do with this little glass bowl:

09 September 2014

Moroccan Wedding Blanket Pillow Covers

 I said I had more pillow plans for my couch, and here they are! These moroccan wedding blanket pillow covers from Pottery Barn.

Here's a quick reminder of what the couch pillows looked like before:

And now. 

I am so in love with these pillows. I love how big they are, and how they sparkle with all the little metal disks on them. AND, because of all the metal pieces, they actually jingle when you move them. Not only do they look pretty, but they also sound pretty. 

I spotted them in a Pottery Barn recently and when I picked them up and heard that sound I knew I had to have them. 

For years I've wanted a moroccan wedding blanket but they can be anywhere from $400-$1000 and I do not have it in my budget to spend that much on a blanket. So when I saw these pillow covers I was so excited because this is an affordable way for me to get that same look I've been wanting.

These were a bit of a splurge for me, since I'm used to spending about $30 for a throw pillow. But I think every house needs a few splurges (although everyone's idea of what that is is totally different). 

Because they were a bit pricey for me, I didn't want to buy pillow inserts in addition to the covers, but I needed some because I don't have any 24"x24" pillows that I could stick these covers on. So I used some cheap fabric that I already had on hand and some stuffing to make one pillow insert, and then, because I didn't have enough fabric for two, I bought a bed pillow from Wal-mart for like $6, ripped it apart, and then cobbled it together in like 10 different pieces in order to turn the 20"x30" bed pillow into a 24"x24" pillow insert for my new pillow cover. It is the ugliest pillow insert you would ever see (but you're not going to), but it totally works. I won't be posting a tutorial for that one though. :)

I am so beyond happy with these pillows! 

05 September 2014

Book Review: DIY Wood Pallet Projects

I just finished the book DIY Wood Pallet Projects by Karah Bunde, who also writes the popular blog The Space Between. This book is all about how to create one-of-a-kind furniture and decor using wooden shipping pallets. Wood pallets are something that I've wanted to do a project with for years. Any super-dedicated followers might even remember that I got my hands on one for a really short time a few years ago before it was swiped from my yard. But I haven't actually attempted anything with one because wood pallets seem really intimidating to me. 

Where exactly do I get them? If I find one how can I tell if it's safe to use? (You know, like hasn't been soaked by the toxic chemicals it was carrying). And how do I know that the one I'm grabbing is okay to take and that I'm not actually stealing by shoving it into my trunk? Because I can't imagine anything more humiliating than being charged with theft for taking a shipping pallet. 

So I was so excited to read Karah's book because before she even gets into all of the AMAZING project tutorials using shipping pallets, she answers all of my questions and more in a section called "Wood Pallets 101". 

I learned where to find pallets (there are more options than dumpster diving!), how to tell if they are safe for indoor use, and how to know if they are slated for the trash (so free to take without fear of committing a crime) or if they are the type to be reused over and over again by a certain company. I also learned what to do with a pallet once I bring it home- how to clean it, prep it, and take it apart to get it ready to build with. 

With my confidence levels in my wood pallet knowledge significantly higher, I was super inspired when I then reached the main portion of the book, which is a bunch of different project tutorials using wooden pallets. There is everything from simple holiday decor all the way to furniture, and it all looks amazing. I really loved that every project has a section of quick info that gives you an idea of the time and money you'll be spending, plus what supplies and tools you'll need to complete the project. That way if you've got a pallet and you're itching to find something to do with it, you can quickly flip through the book and scan just the small info section at the side of the page for each project, and get an idea of what each project entails without actually having to read the entire tutorial first. 

The projects in this book are so good.
One of my favorites is this one: 
wooden shutters.

I also love- beyond my ability to describe- this herringbone coffee table. I mean, just look at that top. 

And because I have dogs, this cute little pet feeding station totally appeals to me.

There are so many great ideas in this book, and beyond that it is so informative! I love when I finish a book and really feel like I learned something that can help give me a new skill, and I feel that way after reading this one. I'm ready to rip apart some pallets and start building something awesome! 

I received this book at no cost in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% mine. 

01 September 2014

Hot Fudge Recipe

 I know no one comes here to get recipes but I had to share this one. It might make your Labor Day a little yummier. 

I found this hot fudge recipe from Simply-Gourmet on Pinterest and gave it a try a few weeks ago. Now I don't want anything but homemade hot fudge on my ice cream; it is just so good. 

Try it. It's amazing. 

Happy Labor Day! 

29 August 2014

A Pillow Cover Made With Nate Berkus Fabric

I was so excited earlier this week when I discovered that Nate Berkus has a fabric line at Joann Fabrics
Yesterday I went to Joann's and bought this fabric from Nate's line: 

I absolutely love it and it's just what my couch needed to cover up the gold pillow in the corner that I bought a few months ago and have been disenchanted with for almost the same amount of time.


The shiny gold design is pretty but looked bland in here for some reason. And the pillow is constantly loosing feathers so all of us hate laying on it because we're always getting stabbed by the sharp ends of feathers poking through the fabric. So I've been planning to make a new cover for it for a while now- I've just been waiting to find the perfect fabric. 
Then Nate's new collection came along and I found the perfect fabric. 


I love love this fabric. The design is exactly what the room needed and more than that, the fabric itself is really well made. The weave is pretty thick so it has this great texture that looks so good. 

It's regular price is $49.99/yard but Joann Fabrics has all home decor fabrics marked down to 50% off this week, and since I just needed a half yard, I only paid about $13. 

 Making this into a pillow cover was super easy. The pillow is 18"x18" so I cut two 18"x18" squares from the fabric. I made them the exact size of the pillow because I wanted the cover to fit kind of tight so that the finished pillow would look really full. 

I put the two pieces of fabric right sides together and sewed them together on three sides. When I turned it right side out I had like a fabric bag to slide the pillow into. 

Then I just hand stitched the open end closed. 

I'm so happy with this pillow. It's crazy what a difference the right pattern makes in a room, even in as small a dose as this. 

This is why I don't get rid of throw pillows, even if I decide I hate them. It's so easy to just cover them up with a better fabric and then I have a brand new pillow without wasting any money. 

I've got more pillow plans for this couch that I'm super excited about. I'm actually planning on getting a new couch sometime in the next few months, so I've been keeping that in mind as I revamp our pillows- I'm getting things that I know will look good on the kind of couch I'm wanting. So there are a couple more changes coming to this couch soon, even before it gets replaced. 

Just this one change though is so doing it for me. I'm crazy about this new pillow fabric. 
And bonus- we aren't getting stabbed by feathers as much now that there's an extra barrier of fabric between us and them! :) 

27 August 2014

Who Says Size Matters?

Years ago I felt like the most important feature of a house for me was space. I wanted as much room as possible because I didn't like the feeling of everyone being on top of each other and all our stuff crowding us out. 
However after four years of renting three different houses, all of which have been smaller than the house we sold before starting to rent, my priorities have changed quite a bit. Maybe it's the fact that living in so many different houses in a short period of time has really taught me what I want in a house, or maybe it's just that I'm getting older and more practical, but I am now at the point where size takes a backseat to quality. 

Don't get me wrong, I still would love having plenty of room. I definitely wouldn't turn down a huge, gorgeous house if it was in our budget. But because we have a budget, and because it can't get me every single thing I want in a house, I've realized I'd much rather sacrifice space so that we could afford  the kind of finishes I want. It no longer seems fun to have some massive house if it took up so much of our budget that we had to settle for an interior that was cheap and bland. What's way too expensive at 4,000 sf could be much more doable at half the size, so I'm happy to live a little more cozily if I have to if it means I can have the kind of floors/cabinets/lighting/etc that I want. 

Because of this new outlook, I've been admiring homes where rooms have to pull double (or triple!) duty since there isn't the space for a separate room for every need. 

This closet/office combo is by far my favorite multi-purpose room that I've seen lately. It makes me feel like I never want to blog anywhere but in a closet ever again. 

What would you prefer if you had to choose- plenty of space, or better finishes?