22 February 2011

A decorating dilemma

Does anyone else have an unusual item that you feel a compulsion to use in your home, even though you have no idea what the heck to do with it?? This was mine:

It's a rope I found when we were moving into this house a few months ago; I thought it was so cool. The problem was, I wasn't sure what to do with it. While I do have some rustic looking decor, the over-all theme of my house is not rustic, and I was worried that a rope sitting out would look too western. For lack of a better idea, I stuck it up on this shelf with the plant and there it sat.

 Staring at me. Taunting me. Driving me crazy. 

I didn't know exactly what I hated about this look, but I just knew that it was so wrong. 
But I left it there for MONTHS because I knew that if I packed it away I would never bother to figure out how to use it. So I left it there and let it torment me.
After almost 5 months of sleepless nights spent tossing and turning over where I could put this,
{okay, it wasn't that bad!}
I finally, suddenly came up with the solution. It just popped into my head the other night. 

It's so simple; I can't believe it took me this long to think of it! I ran out today and bought a jar because I didn't have any that would fit the rope. When I got my jar home and put the rope inside I loved the way they looked together but not on the shelf. The balance was off.

The shelf below it had been bugging me too because with the dark wood plate and the black picture frames I felt like it looked too heavy. 
So I switched the plate to the shelf that I'd just cleared and I put my new jar with the rope onto the shelf with the pictures and voila! 
I love it!

If you've been dealing with a decorating dilemma, don't give up! Go take another look at that tricky item and get creative to find a place for it. Maybe my solution will work for you- try sticking it in a jar! Almost everything looks pretty behind glass.
Anyway, glad my problem's solved. I will rest easy tonight. :)


  1. It might also look cool if you folded it over a couple times and hung it straight across your wall and hang any bull riding pictures from it or any with Caleb with a cowboy hat. just another thought.

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who lays awake with random things running through my head :)

  2. Rope in a jar. I love it!