24 February 2011

Easy photo display using Mod Podge

{Sorry about the awful glare; these are hung directly across from a window}

I actually made these a couple years ago and I didn't make them with a blog in mind so I have no pictures of the process....but it's pretty simple so it really doesn't need much explanation.
I wanted to display a bunch of pictures without having to buy a ton of frames, or use a huge amount of wall space. So instead of framing them I put them all on big canvases. I decided to do three because I thought multiple ones hung together would look nice. I also wanted to theme each one: One has pictures from when my husband and I were dating and our first year of marriage, one has baby pictures of our oldest son, and one has our childhood photos and pictures from both sides of our family.
I printed all of the pictures out in sepia tone because I thought that that many colored photos together would look overwhelming and I didn't want the wall they were on to end up looking cluttered.
The most time consuming part obviously, was figuring out how to arrange the pictures on the canvases. I didn't want to cut any of the pictures to make them fit around each other because I didn't want any uneven edges if my cutting wasn't the best. So I just layered them overlapping and made sure that all of the important parts of the pictures (like faces) were showing. Then with everything still in place I took my Mod Podge and a 2in paintbrush and started gluing the pictures down. That part took a while too because I didn't want to mess up my picture arrangement so I was careful to only move the pictures that I was working on gluing down. Sometimes I had to be a little strategic with my gluing depending on how my pictures were layered. Once I had all the pictures glued down I went back over the whole thing with the Mod Podge so that my photos would be fingerprint-proof and easy to clean.

And that's it! Super Easy.

Want more ideas on art you can make using a canvas and Mod Podge? Check out this site and click on the label "Canvas/Wall Art". The things this woman can do with Mod Podge will blow your mind. 

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  1. Luv IT!!!! You amaze me Brooke!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents!!!! I miss your sweet family!!!!