25 February 2011

A facelift for my recipe box

I like to store stuff in style. Even my recipes. For a long time I've kept all of my recipe cards in a photo box. It's a terrific way to organize recipes because the box comes with dividers so it makes it easy to categorize them. Plus it can fit a TON of recipe cards. 
My box started out red. I was tired of the color and wanted to give it an update. I found a website called Old Cookbooks that has just that- old cookbooks. And they have prices to fit any budget. I found cookbooks that were priced for only a few dollars, and others that were several hundred. I found a cute cookbook from the 1940's with all kinds of cookie recipes for only $8.00. I used the cover and a few pages for a different project, but most of the pages went towards covering my recipe box. I cut out recipes and used pretty much the same technique that I used to make that tree picture a few weeks ago.  I layered the recipes randomly around the box, letting the text go sideways, backwards, upside-down, etc. I used Mod Podge to glue everything down, then went back over the whole thing again with the Mod Podge once everything was in place. (Can you tell yet that I love Mod Podge?!)

Here it is finished. Oh so cute.

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  1. My Mom gave me a beautiful recipe binder for my birthday last year. She even wrote out my favorite recipes and stuck them in the book before giving it to me. I love that the recipes are in her handwriting, and that I will have them forever. Come to think of it... I want you and Joan's handwriting saved in there too. We will have to swap recipes soon!!!