18 February 2011

I love Poufs!

I'm not talking about this version, although I was very excited to get her hair to do this!
I'm talking about floor pillows.

If you're looking to add extra seating to a room, but don't want something that's going to take up a lot of space, a pouf (or two!) is a great option. I love them because they instantly make an area look more cozy and as you can see from some of these pictures, they can seriously up the style factor in a room. They are super cute all by themselves, or as a little group with two or more stacked on top of each other. 
I just want to plop down on all of these.

How fun are these?! They would be great for a playroom or kid's rooms.

1 comment:

  1. I have been meaning to make some bean bag pillows for the boys' room so they have a comfy place to lay while they read.

    Here's a tip. put a zipper in it or buttons and store the stuffed animals n them. AND because you can take the stuffed animals out, you can also wash it when it gets to dirty.