23 February 2011

I'm dreaming of....

...painted brick walls. They are everywhere (except at my house, unfortunately). I think the texture that they give a room is just delicious.

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen

This next room gives me heart palpitations...
The bricks, the beams, the wooden floor....I'm ready to move in!

Looking at all these photos got me wondering how difficult it would be to create a wall like this if you aren't lucky enough to live in a house that already has exposed brick.  I found a site with good instructions on how to cover a wall with brick; and it actually doesn't look too bad. I was picturing getting out the mortar and building a wall with full-size bricks, but there actually are bricks that are cut thin for interior use. If you don't want to tackle that kind of a project, however, there are several faux options like
creating a brick wall using spackle or interior brick paneling made of plastic, but I think that if you're going to be doing all that work anyway, just go for the real deal!
I don't know about any of you, but I am most definitely filing this idea away for (my husband's) later use.   

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