17 February 2011

What I'm lusting after: library ladders

Perhaps it all started when I was a kid watching "Beauty and the Beast" and saw Belle slide across an entire wall of books while standing on a library ladder.  Or maybe it's because in my mind, someone who has one of these seems super smart- not only do they have so many books that they have to have a ladder to reach them, but the fact that they've provided themselves a way to get to the books means they're actually going to read them.  What ever the reason, I think these things look super cool.


Yes, I would do this. No, I wouldn't worry about the kids falling off. I'd cover the floor with carpeting and hope for the best. Maybe it'd help improve their balance and they'd all grow up to be acrobats. 
Pottery Barn Kids

Modern Stainless Ladders

Never ever, in all of my wildest library ladder fantasies, did I ever imagine this:

This picture really shows how brilliant this is; look at all those cabinets!! Do you know how much crap I could store up there?! I am so having a ladder in my kitchen someday.
Francoise Bollack Architects

Francoise Bollack Architects

And look at this one from Design Sponge: She put hers in the bathroom, so she's able to make the room function as a bathroom and a closet. So smart, and it looks amazing.
Design Sponge

Would it be too much if I had a ladder in my living room, kitchen, AND bathroom??


  1. love the idea of the ladders....i enjoyed the kitchen ladder...putting that on my wish list for the future! :)

  2. I felt the same way after seeing beauty and the Beast! I never thought to do it in the kitchen though. I'm so going to do that!