24 March 2011

Before & After Thursday: a new series

Yep, I'm starting something. A revolution. A national holiday.
Or, just a fun new series on my blog.
I'm declaring Thursdays as Before & After Thursday. It's the day I share your before and after's with the world. {{Or at least with my little band of followers}}

I'm starting us off with a cabinet transformation done by Miss Mustard Seed:

She ignored the advice that good wood shouldn't be painted and followed her instincts, and ended up with two gorgeous pieces of furniture. Read about their transformation at 

(By the way, Miss Mustard Seed did not ask me to post her before and after. I was searching for someone to be my first feature and ran across this before & after on her blog that she happened to post today. I just got lucky!) 

Who isn't inspired by great Before and After photos??? Lets share the inspiration!

Email me with your best before and after photos and a link to the blog post where you showed how you did it. It can be an item or a room....or a whole house!  Just make sure it's something that YOU have transformed. Please don't send me someone else's work.

Start sending cause I wanna see 'em!


  1. I think both the before and after pictures are beautiful but secretly, I love the before picture more. It has nothing to do with the cabinets but the wall color, just my personal preference. I think the blue wall makes the tables and chairs stand out a little bit more. I always love a good contrast!

    I hope you get lots of before and after photos because I would love to see them, too! :)

  2. I agree.. i really prefer the blue wall in the before.. Either is nice though. I guess colour can just be a bit much sometimes when you live with it day in and day out. And agree.. I never get sick of before and after photos! Keep posting them :-)

  3. Great , however I agree with Jessie like the before picture of dinning room with blue walls.