17 March 2011

The best things in life are free

....and so are the best things to decorate with. You don't always have to head to a decor store; sometimes you only have to go as far as your yard:

 Decorate with sticks. Scrape the bark off and put them in a vase.

If you live near a beach (or vacation to one) gather shells and put them in a bowl. 

For a sleeker look, use shells that are all the same color and/or shape.
{You can also do this same look with rocks- bonus points if you spray paint your shells or rocks a color to match your decor}

Decorating an office? Who doesn't have tons of pencils already? Stick them in a clear glass vase and they double as decor. Just be sure to keep them all the same color to make it look streamlined. {again with the spray paint if you need to} Pretty AND functional.

How about produce? You're buying it anyway- instead of hiding it in the pantry or {shudder} leaving it out on the counter in a bag, stick it in baskets, bowls or large jars. 

(okay, these apples are fake...we've eaten up all our real ones! But the picture still makes my point!)

We've got piles of magazines at our house. They could just clutter the coffee table or over-stuff drawers, but instead they are here looking stylish in this basket. Books and magazines are great free ways to decorate because everyone has them and it's easy to store them in a way that looks pretty.

If you've got kids, then chances are you've also got an over-abundance of their art work. But you don't have to toss it all- save the best stuff and frame it the way you would any other piece of art. Your little Picasso's will feel great seeing their masterpieces hung on the wall, and you'll score some free (and trendy!) artwork. 

How do you decorate for free?


  1. Hey Brooke,

    I love finding long winding branches and spray painting them white and then putting them in a tall floor vase. My sister in law puts old chandelier crystals hanging from white sticks/branches for parties or just for fun decorating bling.

  2. I've got a grapefruit tree that just goes to waste because I don't eat the fruit. I'm going to pick some and put it in a bowl in the kitchen. It'll smell nice and look cute! I also love decorating with shells. I really like the idea of spray painting them! I'm going to give some of my shells a facelift now. I've been drying flowers a lot too. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but I'll think of something - or maybe you will! :)