29 March 2011

Book page chain- inspired by West Elm

This weekend I was in West Elm just walking around, looking to get inspired. {Could anyone else LIVE in that store?? I could; I could just move my family right in and live there.} Anyway I passed by an over-turned basket that had what looked like a paper chain pouring out of it.
I don't think that it was actually made out of paper, but I didn't study it long enough to figure out what it was. I just snapped this quick picture with my phone.

I thought this would be cute to make with book pages so last night while my hubby and I were watching a movie I sat on the floor with an old book, scissors and a stapler and made a chain.
I felt a little bit like a five year old while I was making this thing, but it was actually kind of fun!

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  1. So simple, but so cute! I think they would also look great paired with your suggestion of using clear glass containers.

  2. I love this! I really like it just sitting on the tray, and the way they have it in the basket at the store looks cute too. I'm going to start tearing up all my books!

  3. Thats so great! Love your creativity! Thanks for stopping by my blog and a huge thank you for following!!! Following you back! -Erin

  4. Hi there! I am so sorry this comment is so late in coming but your book page chain is absolutely darling and we are so thrilled that you linked it up to Inspiration Friday last week. Hope to see you again this week! :-)