10 March 2011

Chalkboard love

I love chalkboards. Not only are they kid-friendly, but they are also just so cool! 
In our old house, I painted half of one wall in the playroom with chalkboard paint.
I also made a menu board by painting the inside of an old cookie sheet with chalkboard paint.
{It's also nice to use for other messages too :)}

When I redo my son's room so that he can share it with his little brother, I plan on painting the fronts of all his dresser drawers with chalkboard paint so that I can label what's in each drawer.

This dresser-turned-buffet is using chalkboard paint to stay organized and interesting.

I love this craft supply cabinet made by The Inadvertent Farmer.

This one is from Benjamin Moore. I was so close to doing this when I repainted our kitchen table a couple years ago....I thought about painting the tabletop with chalkboard paint, letting my son draw some cute pictures, and then spraying it with some kind of sealer so the pictures would stay. I decided against it because I couldn't think of something to seal it with that wouldn't just dissolve the chalk as soon as I painted it on...now looking at this picture makes me want to try to figure it out again!

This one is also from Benjamin Moore. I've done this to all the canisters in my pantry.

I love this calendar idea from Martha Stewart.

I think grey is the new black when it comes to chalkboard paint.
Country Living

You can get this stuff in tons of colors.
Or, if you're wanting something that perfectly compliments the rest of your decor, you can mix up a custom color yourself. Martha Stewart shows you how here.


  1. Love it! My neighbor painted an the inside of a frame from Pier One and has it hung in her dining room, it looks really good. I love the colors!

  2. I don't realize chalkboard paint comes in so many different colors. Will keep that in mind when I need to decorate something using chalkboard paint. Thanks for the heads up!


  3. I have this empty space on the wall in my kitchen and I've been trying to think of what to do there. I'm going to paint a square with one of the colored chalkboard paints and then make a cute frame around it with something, and then I'll use it for reminders, etc. It'll be so cute! Thank you for the great idea!!

  4. Joan, that will look so cute!! You could just get cheap moulding from Lowes or Home Depot to frame it with. Or you could just use a pretty frame that you've taken the back and glass out of. I can't wait to see it!!

  5. I've used chalkboard paint on a tray for my craft area, but not on a wall yet. I love it in gray!

  6. Just an update on the genius idea I had today, all because of your post Brooke: I'm going to paint the walls and floor of my back porch with chalkboard paint! For now it will just be kind of cool, and I'll do it in a couple different colors (I'm thinking orange walls, gray floor). Someday my future kids will make more use of it than I will now. I'm really excited about it though!!