14 March 2011

Get your wild on

I just spent the last several hours at the zoo, so naturally I've got animal prints on my mind.

At Anthropologie, you can skip the fur print and just get pictures of the animals themselves,
like on these cute throw pillows.

The cutest cake server EVER at Joss & Main

I love this teal tiger print. Find these on Etsy at MiCasaBella

Just remember that with animal prints, less is more. 
These rooms are doing it perfectly.

These rooms however, are looking more like When Animals Attack. Way, WAY too much animal print.

Eeeek. This bedroom is a great example of the importance of showing some restraint. 

But don't be afraid of adding some touches of wild to your house. As long as you keep it to a tasteful minimum, it will seriously up your home's style factor. 


  1. Totally agreed with you. By the way, I love the bench in the first room, it looks so chic!


  2. I want some wild in my house! Mine's all beachy though... What animal goes to the beach? lol Do sea turtles count? It would be so cute if I could find pillows like you showed, with pictures of sea turtles!