22 March 2011

I'm on the hunt...

...for replacements for these:

They are nice tables, but they just look out of place after our living room's little make-over.  The two styles are not meshing well.

So, I am searching.....

I really like this side table from Ethan Allen...but at $569 it's just a tad out of my price range....minus about $500 though and this would be perfect!

I'm also really liking these "tango bunching coffee tables", also from Ethan Allen.

Jessie from Mix and Chic took this picture the other day of a side table and I absolutely love it. It's from a store called Chiasso, which unfortunately we don't have around here. 
Target has some round tables sort of like this only in a more traditional style; plus they're painted black. But maybe I could get one and spray paint it silver to get a little bit of this look. 

This end table from West Elm is so cool! I'm wondering if I could do something like this with a stool and some spray paint....or tin foil?? hmmmm......
West Elm

I had thought about making a tray table with my mirrored tray that I got from Target...but with three small children I think that a heavy glass tray on thin, wobbly legs is a disaster waiting to happen. 
This table from cb2 looks nice and light though. 

The hunt continues....
I am noticing in my search a slightly disturbing trend in the tables that I'm gravitating towards....a lot of them have glass tops. Glass is absolutely gorgeous, and takes up no visible space so it would make it look a lot airier in our living room. But I've had a rule for myself that we would have no glass tables in our house while we had small kids. The finger prints would drive me up a wall. I feel like I would be living with a bottle of windex in my hand. But ohhhhhhhh glass tables are sooo pretty!!! I feel like I'm being yanked in two different directions. 
We'll see which side wins...


  1. Isn't the silver Marie Table from Chiasso gorgeous? I love that side table but my living room has too much furniture I can't possibly add one anymore. If price is your concern, maybe you can try this table from Chiasso, too. It's only ($48) http://www.chiasso.com/store/item.aspx?DepartmentId=149&ItemId=46862. I might get this for my son's future bedroom because it's so affordable and so stylish. It has an acrylic tray on top with a streamlined metal base. I saw it in person and it's well made and beautiful. There's also this porcelain tree trunk from ZGallerie ($59.95) http://www.zgallerie.com/p-10213-porcelain-tree-trunk-silver.aspx which can also doubles as a small chic side table. By the way, I love the West Elm stool you picked. So cool, it totally makes you look twice!


  2. I'm looking for a coffee table and side tables, and I love the "tango bunching" coffee tables from Ethan Allen you show here. Maybe I can find a couple small tables for a cheap price and refinish them myself if I need to. I just really like the look of the two tables together; I would have never thought to do that.

  3. I love that stool from West Elm.. gorgeous! You should def give that one a go.. not sure the tin foil would work out so great though :-) Love reading about all the DIY stuff you do. Im also on a budget so have to be creative with what I have or can get my hands on. Would love to see more DIY stuff! Great blog btw.