11 March 2011

Invisible book shelves

My parents recently moved to a new house and were wondering what to do with all of their books. In their old house my dad had built floor to ceiling shelves, but he didn't feel like doing that again in the new house. I suggested that he use "invisible shelves"- just L brackets mounted to the wall with the books stacked on top.

I sorted their books by size and color.
Because of the amount of books and the space that we wanted to cover on the wall,
we decided to do three rows of five stacks. 

My dad measured and marked the wall...

...then attached the brackets and stacked the books.


We kept the stacks high enough that he'll be able to fit his desk under them. Cool huh?


  1. that's awesome I like it!!!

  2. I couldn't picture at all what you meant when you first told me Mom and Dad were going to have "invisible book shelves"! I love it!! It's so simple and stylish! If I did it in my house I'd put a cute little prop on top of some of the books. :)

  3. I found your blog via Tip Junkie. You have some excellent ideas, especially this one. I'm wondering if you could show a picture of just the bracket so I know just what to look for at the store. This is a beyond brilliant & cool idea!