04 March 2011

I've got a fever

Nope, not the fever that everyone else seems to be catching these days from that wildly popular kid with The Hair. I've got face-lift fever; of the stuff variety, to be exact. Now that I've gotten started on my living room, suddenly nothing in my house is escaping my scrutiny. Everything seems like it would look so much better if only it were painted, papered, moved to a new location...

 All this changing stuff has me thinking about wallpaper. Why, you ask? Because of another project that has nothing to do with my living room but that is looming in my near future.

Thinking about wallpaper has me desperately wishing that we weren't renting so that I could stick it up on my walls, instead of on my stuff. I am in love with wallpaper. It gives such beautiful texture and detail to a room.

If you haven't looked at wallpaper in a while and you're thinking of something like this:
then think again, because wallpaper has come a loooong way.

Would any of these rooms be half as special without their wallpaper?
I think not!

 You can even get wallpaper that is scented. That's right; scratch-n-sniff wall paper.

Flavor Paper- Tutti Frutti

Flavor Paper also carries my hands-down, absolute favorite wallpaper ever. It's called City Park, and it's designed by Dan Funderburgh:

Isn't it pretty? But did you look closely? Fire-hydrents, pigeons, even rats...it's genius!
I don't think I'd ever actually want this up on my wall, but I'd definitely use it to line the back of a book shelf, or to cover an ugly cabinet, or even just a book.

Well I'm off to keep tearing apart redecorating the living room. Why don't you go look around your house for stuff to change. I bet you'll catch the fever too.


  1. Love the wallpapers. My elderly neighbors had some cool stuff in their houe. But the house sold and something tells me the new owners tore it out.

  2. I am not a fan of wallpaper and have a project where I am going to remove some old stuff on my list BUT I am absolutely in love with that picture you shared with the fat strip of wallpaper going down the middle of the room. I am already wandering around my living spaces trying to find a place to do that!

  3. Love your blog! I just became your newest follower! :)