23 March 2011

Kids clothesline-style artwork display

I made this after my son started Kindergarten and began bringing home mountains of drawings, writings and paintings that he wanted hung up. I wanted a place in his bedroom to display everything, but I didn't want to spend the money on a bulletin board. So, I did this instead, and it cost me a little over a dollar.

What I used:
  • hemp cord
  • wooden embellishments
  • painted clothes pins
  • screws & a screw gun
  • hot glue

It was actually a fun project that my son and I did together. I got a bunch of clothes pins and we painted them all with different colors and designs. I didn't tell him what we were going to use them for so while he was painting them he kept excitedly speculating how we'd be using them. 

I put four screws on opposite walls in the bedroom, two on each wall. I used a tape measure to make sure I was about equal distance from the ceiling on each side. When I first put the screws in, I left them about a half inch out of the wall so I would have room to tie the hemp cord to them. Once I had each side tied around the end of the screws, I finished tightening them with the screw gun to pull the lines tight and hold them firmly in place. 

I wanted to hide the ugly knots and screws, so I used a hot glue gun to glue pre-painted, wooden embellishments that I'd bought at Michaels directly to the end of the screws. (Those were the only things I had to buy for this project- everything else I already had. Don't you love projects like that?!)
 I used the clothes pins to hang up my son's artwork, brought him into the room with my hand over his eyes, then uncovered his face and yelled "Ta-Da!!!" He loved it. 

I love it too because now I don't have to fight to spare his feelings by trying to steer him away from taping a "masterpiece" to a door or a wall. He loves having everything hung from here. Plus it's easy for me to sneak in on a regular basis and throw some things away when artwork starts to accumulate. 


  1. That is such a cool idea! My son is in pre-k now and yup, kids bring home "mountains" of artwork from school! :) Will attempt to do this once I found my long lost clothes peg!

  2. I love that. With Joel starting school in the fall this is something we may have to look into doing.