18 March 2011

My Living Room: the big reveal!!

You know the immeasurable joy and delight that you feel when a plan comes together perfectly? When the details that you were envisioning in your head are actually able to be translated into reality??? Well I'm feeling that delight today. My living room is done. And it. looks. AWESOME. No, miracles were not performed. Mountains were not moved. Just a simple face-lift achieved through some paint and new fabric.
But I think that's what's so exciting about it. I didn't have to do anything drastic; just some touch-ups on things that I already owned, and I was able to give my living room a whole new look.
{{I keep saying "I", as if I did it all alone- I actually had a ton of help from my husband! Thanks baby!!!}}

If you've been following along, then you know that we started painting the tv cabinet and the shelves next to it over a week ago.

Here is our way-too-brown living room


Aaahhhh I'm seriously so in love!!! After we got everything put back in the room I sat on the couch for 10 minutes just looking around and chanting about what a genius I am. Rob sat next to me rolling his eyes but admitted that I am, in fact, a genius.

Most of what's in here I already had- I just rearranged my accessories and spray painted a few things to give them a different look. One thing that is new though is the mirrored tray on the coffee table.

I'd been saving a Target gift card since Christmas because I was waiting for the perfect thing to spend it on. I saw this tray for $40.00 a couple weeks ago and I knew I'd found what I'd been waiting for. 

I am so excited about how the tv cabinet came out. Some paint and new knobs made it look like a different piece of furniture.

When we painted the cabinet and shelves, we decided to use oil-based paint. Here's a big tip that we learned the hard way: thin out the paint with mineral spirits. When we first got started we added a very small amount of Penetrol. All over the paint can it says not to thin it so we were afraid to do too much to it. But oil-based paint is a pain to work with straight out of the can. It's thick and doesn't spread well at all. We were using a sprayer which ended up being great because it cut our paint time in half, but at first it was frustrating because the paint was too thick and kept clogging the sprayer. When we'd try to smooth out uneven spots with a paint brush, the paint wouldn't spread and would just end up looking like a rippled, wavy mess from our brush strokes. Our cabinet looked so bad after the first coat that we had to strip all the paint and primer off and start over. We were thinking about just throwing away all the paint that we'd bought and getting an acrylic paint instead. But then we read online about thinning out oil-based paint with mineral spirits so we decided to give it a try. It worked great; the sprayer didn't clog and we were able to spread it with our brushes. 

The paint color that we used is called "Woodrow Wilson Presidential White" by Valspar. (It's part of their "Historic Preservation" line.) I love it. It is the perfect creamy white that I was picturing in my head. And it goes great with my new zebra-printed pillow covers.

I also love the way the zebra print looks with the splashes of silver that I added around. They both just add a little bit of fabulousness, don't they?

I have to admit though that this room isn't totally done yet.... I've been planning on getting a new coffee and end table because I'm tired of the look of these two. Plus I think this room needs some relief from all the rectangles so I want to get a round coffee table. I've been looking around, but haven't been in much of a hurry until I got everything back in the room today and realized that now with the room's new face-lift, these tables just look SO out of place in here.

Yikes. It does NOT look good. I'll be listing these babies on Craigslist pronto. 

But in the meantime, I am pretty thrilled with how my living room turned out!! I'm going to go sit on my couch now and enjoy it. I think I could even keep the tv off tonight and just spend the next few hours looking around. {sigh} Love it!!!

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  1. Great little makeover that delivers major impact! Your living room looks so much fresher and brighter now. Good call on your part to paint those furnitures. I am a big fan of white furniture so I am thrilled for you, too! Can't wait to see what kind of tables you will be purchasing. Have fun table shopping!


  2. It looks great! I love that mirrored tray!

  3. Oh...I just love what you have done. Everything from the mirrored table to the painted cabinet and shelves to the zebra pillows looks fabulous. I also love the silver pears. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It looks great Brook, I can't wait to see the tables you will choose.

  5. It looks so good Brooke!! I can't wait to come over and see it in person! I also can't wait to give my living room a makeover :)

  6. It looks great, especially the painted cabinet.

  7. It came together so nicely! The bookshelves really changed it up visually for me. :) Great makeover!

    Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :) Hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon!

  8. Wow Brooke! Your living room looks awesome!
    I love how you really lightened the room up. Great job. :)
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  9. It's so much brighter. Looks great.

  10. Wow, Brooke! It is looking so great! Love the ladder shelves and your tv cabinet turned out to be beautiful!

  11. I think its looking amazing, really! While I do like your coffee table, Im with you on a round one. Im into those as well:)
    *I found you through scrolling through after your recent linkup with Amanda

  12. What a great makeover! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Your living room is really nice and very beautiful. Every one has wish to have such kind of nice home.

    Interior designer