02 March 2011

Numbered Buckets

A week after Christmas, I was shopping online at Pottery Barn when I came across these cute little numbered buckets. {Of course now that I need a picture of them I can't find them ANYWHERE. Maybe they've been discontinued?} Anyway they were around $35.00 or so for a set of 3. They each had one large number on the front: "1, 2, 3". They were really cute so I was tempted to just stick them in my cart and checkout, but I resisted because I knew that I could make them myself for way less money.

I ran out to Wal-Mart the next day because all of their little Christmas buckets were on sale 50% off. You know those buckets- they're out at every holiday, cost about a dollar normally and look like this:

I bought 3 of them and some white spray paint, took them home and turned them white. It was easier said than done- it took a LOT of coats to make all that red and green disappear.

I don't own a Cricket or Silhouette so to make my numbers I had to just print them up on the computer and cut them out by hand (slow, painstaking work.) After I had them cut out I folded them several times so that when unfolded they would have a cracked look kind of like old paint. Then I got out my trusty Mod Podge and glued them on.
For now they are filled with moss-covered rocks, but I'm sure eventually I'll be finding a great way to organize with them.

This is the only picture I can find of them at Pottery Barn, and it is seriously inspiring!!! They are using this as an advent calendar, but can't you just see this filled with kids art supplies or something? I think I'll be buying my buckets some siblings and making something like this!


  1. I love these!! I want to make a row of these hanging in my kitchen and fill them with flowers!

  2. I love these!! they are really cute! I need to head over to pottery barn more often.

    {you'll be buying you buckets some siblings?? :) That totally made my day!}

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  4. I loved how your buckets turned out! They looked so fabulous I wouldn't have guessed they were DIYed. And thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog. I am your new follower.