03 March 2011

Oh, the things I can do with a spray paint or two!

{I couldn't resist rhyming- it was Dr. Seuss' birthday yesterday!} Anyway my afternoon yesterday was spent with two cans of spray paint and some tired-looking stuff from my living room. Remember the shelf that I had such a problem with last week? Well usually all it takes is one tiny change to my decor to make me step back and say "hmmmm.....now what would it look like if I did this?"....."But then if I change that I should move this"......"So I should definitely switch these...." And before I know it my one teeny tweak to my decor has sparked a frenzy of transformation and I find myself in the back yard, surrounded by accessories and choking on paint fumes. Which is how I found myself yesterday afternoon.
{Photo taken by my 5 year old. Sorry about the close-up of the back of my dog.}

After I made that change to the shelf last week, I started thinking about how much better things would look if I changed OTHER things too. Then, I made the decision to put new fabric on my couch pillows and all heck broke loose. I've caught the vision of a brighter, more sparkly living room and there is no turning back now. 

So far I've added paint to a few things......


........but I have barely scratched the surface on my living room's facelift. I have to run out and buy some more paint. And the fabric for my pillows. Not much will escape my paintbrush these next few days....

Wow, I am PUMPED!!! This is going to be GREAT!!!

Want to do it too?? Grab some spray paint and some stuff from around your house that's looking a little "blah" and start spraying! It's crazy how a fresh coat of paint can make an old item look like new. Have fun!


  1. I love spray paint too, the candles came out great!

  2. I have this beautiful picture that I haven't hung anywhere yet because it's in an ornate gold frame and doesn't go at all with anything in the house. I'm spray painting tonight! :)

  3. My mom painted an old dresser white and put some new hardware on it and it looked like a brand new piece of furniture!

  4. ....by the way, it's almost a month later, but I actually got around to spray painting my picture frame (I left the picture in it and just put paper and painters tape over the glass) and it looks great! I just did it in a flat black and it looks really good. The frame has lots of carved details, and before when it was gold it just looked too gawdy. Now it's more understated, the color actually goes with my other decorations, and having it in a solid non-shiny color makes all the grooves in the frame look really cool.