21 March 2011


Decorating with silhouettes is very popular; they are all over design blogs. It's one of those trends that is nice to follow because it's such a classic, so you don't have to worry that it's going to be completely OUT in a year or so.

Here is one I made:
I only wanted a small one to fit in a 5 x 7 inch frame, so mine was really quick to make. After searching in vain through all the pictures of my oldest son, I realized that perfect profile shots don't just happen. So I stood him in front of an empty wall and snapped a picture of him from the side. Then I printed it out onto regular printer paper and cut it out. (I angled the neckline when I cut it.) I used a glue stick to very lightly glue the cut-out to black construction paper and then cut it out again. I chose scrapbook paper that I already had and used the glue stick to glue it down. I like the way the black writing looks with the black silhouette. (The writing says "I love you" if you can't tell.) It has that classic, vintagey look that silhouettes have anyway. 

Here are some my friend made:
My friend Leah from The Dog's a boy, too! made these adorable silhouettes of three of her boys. (Now that she's got a fourth she's going to have to do this again!)

To make these she first took a picture of each of her boys in front of a window so that she could get a detailed profile. She took her pictures the same distance from each kid so that the sizing for each picture would be the same. 
Next she imported each picture onto a word program so that she could enlarge them (again keeping sizing the same for each one.) She cut out the pictures with an exacto knife and was careful to keep them as detailed as possible.

She traced the picture onto black card stock (since she was making multiples she made sure to keep them facing in the same direction) and cut it out again using the exacto knife. 

Then she mounted her pictures onto simple paper so that the silhouettes would really stand out. 
I love how detailed hers are. Being able to see the hair on these boys is so cute! My son's head was shaved when I made mine, so his silhouette looks bald.

Want more silhouette ideas?


  1. I have always had a love for silhouettes. They are such classics, so simple yet full of interesting details! Love your DIY project. Maybe you can make your family silhouettes next? That will be fun and interesting.


  2. I want to make one of these! Is it lame if I do one of myself? :) ...or maybe I should just wait a few years and remember to do it with my kids. I really like the silhouette shams, and the bird. Maybe I could make some silhouette pillow cases with some kind of animal that goes with my theme - maybe a fish or sea turtle or something? Oooh, I'm getting ideas now! :)