09 March 2011

Whats inspiring me today

Sadly, they are no longer available. But there has to be an easy way to make this. Any ideas? (Preferably that DON'T involve a glass cutter?) I've got one....Get a wooden bowl with a small bottom and rip the mirror out of my compact. Hopefully someone else has a better idea.


  1. THAT IS SO CUTE. I am not a designer, so I have no clue how'd you replicate it... Maybe wooden salad bowls? You do what you have to do to achieve the look you're looking for :-)

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  2. They look like those clay pot bottoms you know where thye hold the water from running out. And they have all sizes of mirrors even at the dollar store. Buy the mirror first and then go look for the pots at home Depot that will fit. Paint and there you have it.

  3. Oooo thank you Vanessa!!!

  4. Maybe you can take a look at this mirror sold at CB2. They looked quite similar in design.


    Hope it helped.

    Jessie from www.mixandchic.com

  5. What I love about those is that if you look really closely at those they are not centered or even the exact same size as the "ring". The actual ring looks like pottery so I'd say find a pottery bowl that (or group as in this display) that you love and then hit up Vanessa's idea of buying round mirrors. Or you could even glaze planter pots like Vanessa suggested you'd just have to watch the depth or you'll overwhelm the mirror.

  6. Target has a set of round mirrors in different sizes:


    You could try to find bowls, then adhere the mirrors to the inside of the bowls. While you're on the lookout for bowls that would work, trace the mirrors on paper to make a template, use the template to find the bowls. You won't have to carry mirrors in your purse and risk breaking them.

    These are similar to the ones you posted, but less bowl-like:

    Good luck, Brooke!