18 April 2011

Concrete floors

I hate grout lines. I also hate that whoever laid the tile in our current home did an awful job of cleaning up the grout, so we have several areas that look like there is dried mud on the floor. If I had a flooring choice it would not be tile. I feel like I've been there, done that way too much and am completely over it. Here's what I don't think I would ever be over:

I don't think I'd put this in a really traditional-style home, but in the right house this floor would be amazing. Maybe in our next place we can rip up all the flooring and polish the concrete slab...


  1. I hate grout lines, too. It's high maintenance and a pain to clean. We had that in our previous home and I hate every second of it whenever I need to clean it with toothbrush. So much work. I like concrete floors too, especially those beautifully stained ones. But I am wondering, what is the cost for something like that? Any ideas, Brooke?

  2. This would be my first pick for flooring; I love concrete floors! Cleaning would be a breeze, and they look so pretty - even the gray one in the last picture looks great. Concrete countertops are my favorite too.

  3. I agree they would have to be in the right house but man - they would be so easy to keep clean!