02 April 2011

Love lost in a kitchen: A remodeling story

Every time I think of this story it makes me laugh. I heard it from a family member who knew the couple. Names have been omitted to protect the guilty.

A woman was desperately wanting her kitchen remodeled and for months begged her husband to do it. Finally one day, the husband came home to find that his wife had taken a sledge hammer to the entire room. As he staggered in the doorway and started to sputter his wife said sweetly, "I was just helping you get started."

{They are now divorced.}

The moral of the story: In our eagerness to turn our houses into the homes of our dreams, lets always make sure we have the blessing of our significant others before starting a major project!!

(Even a kitchen like this isn't worth a marriage.)


  1. Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours! I chuckled at the comment you left for me as well as the cute thought about the sledge hammer above...I like your humor!

  2. Is that a real story? The story is funny but I also feel sorry for the wife. Now, she don't have a husband and a kitchen! :)

  3. It almost sounds too funny to be true but I know it is - I was there when the family member told it to us! :)

  4. There was a family on (I think) Sell This House. Three siblings were selling their mom's house after she passed and in the kitchen the counters were extremely low. The family said it was because their mother was so short and that one day the whole family was woken by a loud crash and when they ran to see what was wrong they found their mom in the kitchen with a sledge hammer. She then told their father that now he had to fix it. Their marriage lasted though.