01 April 2011

A new look with tissue paper

I've had this vase for a few years:
After my living room's little update, I've been making changes to other things around the house so that I can make the other rooms match the look in the living room. 

This vase has been on my list of things to give a new look to, and yesterday it got it. 

I didn't want to have to spend any money, so I decided I'd change it by using stuff that I already had. I started out just trying to paint it, but wasn't loving where it was headed.

Next, I tried Mod Podging it with tin foil. I won't even show you the disasterous results. It looked like a giant ham ready for the oven. 

After ripping off the tin foil I remembered that I had some silver tissue paper, so using the Mod Podge, I covered it with that instead. 

I used silver spray paint to cover the top and inside.

But it still didn't look "done" to me, plus I needed something to hide the edge of the paper at the top.

I remembered that my son had brought home a beaded silver necklace from his school's Mardi Gras party a few weeks ago. 

 I cut the string on the necklace so that the beads were in a chain, then hot glued it around the top edge of the paper.

Now the only problem is I'm not sure I'm loving the brown branches in the silver vase...
I'm wondering if they need to be white?


  1. Brooke, I love how you cleverly disguise the edge of the silver tissue paper with beads from the necklace. I would never thought of that. And oh, replacing the brown branches with white ones is a good idea to make it pop. Or maybe you can replace it with thick green bamboo sticks as well? Just throwing some ideas here...heeheee..

  2. Great idea Brooke! By the way, after reading this I turned the house upside-down looking for stuff I can cover with tissue paper ;)