29 April 2011

A Royal {overload?}

How am I spending my day? I am curled up on the couch, soaking up every dazzling second of the royal wedding. Oh yes; after much resistance, I have been completely, and unashamedly sucked into the hoopla. I can't help it- it's a real-life prince, and he's marrying a regular girl and making her a princess....what could be more beautiful?? {My husband would say "real life"...whatever.}

If you aren't getting your fill with the royal wedding, let me shove a little more British at you- 
Here are some homes in London:

(My personal favorite:)

And of course we can't forget this one:

Whether you're enjoying the festivities or desperately trying to make it through the day without hearing the names William and Kate (good luck) I hope you all have a happy Friday!

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  1. Hi Brooke,
    Didn't you LOVE the ceremony, those two are just too cute together!! I watched it with my 5 and 3 yr old (my 5month old was snoozing) and they were soooooooooo excited to see a "real princess". They also wondered why the queen wasn't wearing a crown and why all those ladies had on "funny hats".
    Enjoy the rest of the festivities, thanks for checking out my lantern, can't wait to get it up.

  2. I love all the London homes, they are so beautiful. I just watched the royal wedding ceremony via cnn. It's such a beautiful wedding! Kate's dress is so elegant and gorgeous and both Prince William and Kate look so perfect together. I am so happy for them!

    Brooke, have a fabulous Friday!