31 May 2011


These two have been sitting on Craigslist for weeks without getting even the slightest interest. I guess they're more out-dated than I thought. {Or I was too greedy with my pricing- that very well could be it! But c'mon, I paid a lot of money for these- I don't want to just give them away!} At any rate, I can't buy new ones since I didn't sell the ones I have, so I'm stuck with these for now.

But that's okay; I'm actually kind of excited that they haven't sold since now I have a plan for them. It's a surprise, but here's a hint:

If they turn out anything like they're looking in my head, they're going to be spectacular! 

27 May 2011

Elmers has a new fan

Until recently, I had no idea that Elmer's was more that just a glue that kids like to spread on their hands. Then I won an Elmer's Craft & Tell kit from a giveaway at Serenity Now and it's full of cool crafting supplies. (I used one of them on this clock!) A couple days ago I discovered that the best thing in the kit are the Bi-fold Foam Boards.
I was in desperation mode trying to figure out an inexpensive but meaningful gift that I could make for my son's kindergarten teacher. I remembered the Elmer's kit and decided to use one of the foam boards to make her a pretty card. 

I wanted to make a book page silhouette of children on the front of the card, so I found a picture that I liked and covered the back of it with pages that I ripped from the book "Tuesdays with Morrie". 

It felt so wrong to be ripping that book apart! But I read it in high school and haven't read it since. My book of choice for these types of projects has been a murder mystery book that I read years ago and have no plans to read again. But I didn't want my son's sweet teacher to start scrutinizing her card and see stuff about a stabbing, so I chose a nice book instead. 

After gluing down all the book pages with a glue stick, I flipped the picture back over and cut out the two silhouettes. Doing it this way was so much easier than free-handing something like this. If I'd sat and  created the silhouettes by hand using only little cut-outs from book pages, it would have taken me hours. But by gluing the pages to the back of something that was already made, it only took me a few minutes to have two perfect looking silhouettes. 

I painted the front and back of the foam board-

then I made a tree in the center of the front cover using a strip of a brown paper bag. {-I'm getting as much life out of that West Elm bag as I can!}

I used Mod Podge to glue down the silhouettes on either side of the tree, and I cut out more book pages and glued them at the top for leaves. I ripped a few thin strips from the edges of some book pages where there wasn't any text, and used that at the bottom of the picture as grass.

I found this gem-of-a-sentence on the last page of "Tuesdays with Morrie"-
-so I ripped it out and stuck it in the grass.

Once everything was glued down I covered the whole outside of the foam board, front and back with Mod Podge. (I did the back so that the whole thing would have the same shiny finish.)
Here it is covered in wet Mod Podge:

And here it is finished:

On the inside I used Mod Podge to attach a picture and letter from my son on one half, and a thank you letter from my husband and I on the other half. 

Such a cute card, right?! I can't get over these foam boards- they're great! 

26 May 2011

Before & After Thursday

I am just loving this bathroom makeover done by Kari from The Sunset Lane.
The scary Before:

The very pretty After:

I don't know which I love more- the horizontal stripes or the giant seahorse! Love, love, love! Great job Kari!! Come over to Kari's post about this project to get all the details!

*If you have a before & after that you'd like featured, you can email me at brookebundy02@gmail.com.

24 May 2011

New look for a metal bowl (and a clock)

For a while now I've been thinking that this bowl would look way better in white.

My suspicions were confirmed when I saw this picture in a Flor catalog:
Look at that- the exact same bowls. This makes me wish I had two of them! 
{I have to say I have no idea how I even noticed the bowls because those gorgeous walls are so distracting! This makes me reeeally want an old house so I can pick all the plaster off the wood slat walls!}

Here is mine after getting a fresh coat (or three) of white paint:

I love this thing. It's going to be a pain packing it up to move because this sucker is heavy. It has to be boxed with things that are pretty much indestructible. But I will never, ever part with it. 
It's way too pretty.

For now it's back in it's spot above the cabinets. 
 I plan in our next house to find it a more prominent place to live. 

Aaaaand, since once I get started I just can't stop.....

I repainted (for like the bazillionth time) this little clock in our breakfast nook:


I really wish I had pictures of the many looks of this clock. I've painted this thing more times than I can count. I've been hating it's previous look for a long time so since I already had the white paint out for my bowl, I grabbed this off the wall and repainted it too.

I feel like now that I have two blindingly-white clocks, the rooms look a little more balanced. 

That's it. The white paint has been put away. {For now...}

23 May 2011

Blog swap with Third Floor Design Studio

I'm so excited to introduce you to Kimberly from Third Floor Design Studio! She and I are swapping blogs for the day, so after you read her guest post here, please come check out her cute blog and the post I wrote for her! This girl is super talented AND super sweet, so I'm really happy that she's my first-ever guest poster!!

It's all you, Kimberly!!

Hi there! Thanks for letting me stop by today! I'm so excited to be guest posting here. I want to talk vintage for a minute. I love a room with vintage touches. They add character and a more personal feel to any space. Even if you didn't inherit your great grandmother's china, there are so many ways to bring a little bit of the old in with the new! Here are a few suggestions -- they're easy to do and just as easy to change once you're ready for something different! {*Your local thrift store will be your BEST resource!}

So for a while we saw the empty frames on every wall. Try getting the same effect but switch it up with handheld mirrors. You still get that old eclectic feel but in a totally different way.


Shutters not only add that hint of vintage, but provide a fresh new way to stay organized or display memories. I tried this in one of my college apartments. I used old wood slat doors, painted them a beautiful teal, and filled them with pictures. It was definitely a conversation piece!  


Old doors. The options are endless. A few of my favorite are below. If you can score one with the original hardware you're golden! There's no doubt they'll add a rustic old feeling to any space.

A very quick change is getting new hardware. Anthropologie has so many fabulous vintage choices. Hobby Lobby even surprised me with their hardware selection.  


For my little abode, I wanted a touch of vintage, but gave it a retro spin. I had been swooning over the ever popular sunburst mirror and decided to just make one myself! It was super easy, cheap, and added just the right amount of vintage for me. Here's the tutorial!

Thanks so much for letting me stop by! I always love to hear your thoughts so come visit at Third Floor Design Studio! What vintage touches have you added to your home?

Kimberly Moore

Third Floor Design Studio

Thanks so much Kimberly! What great ideas! 
Now please come join me at Kimberly's blog where I'm giving ideas for making bowl fillers. 

19 May 2011

Before & After Thursday

Today I'm featuring my friend Heather, who on her blog Two Plus Two, recently showed a great makeover of a picture frame using Mod Podge and beach sand!


I love that she's using this frame to display a picture of her cute family at the beach!
For step-by-step instructions on this project, visit Heather's blog and check out this post.

18 May 2011

Concrete countertops

I've realized that I am not a granite girl. Don't get me wrong; it's pretty and I like it, but there's another look that I like even better:
Concrete. It's gorgeous for more than floors.

I love how it still has the look of stone, without being busy like granite. 

The best part about these is that although I'm sure hiring a contractor is preferable, this is a doable DIY project. Be warned though- it doesn't look like it's for the faint of heart. But if you're feeling brave here's a couple sites I found with instructions: How To Make Concrete Countertops (-a whole site dedicated to this! Awesome!) And of course the always helpful DIY Network.

I tried so hard to get my hubby to tackle this project with me in our last house. Sometimes I even imagined letting some tragic "accident" happen to our formica countertops so we'd be forced to make a change. But I didn't give in to the temptation. Don't want to be this lady. Ha ha! 

16 May 2011

A new tablescape

This is how I have had our dining room table for the past couple of years:
I totally copied it from The Old Painted Cottage. I bought the artichoke tea-light holders from Jennifer's store, and loved the way she had them arranged on her own table, so I did the same look using cheap Walmart dinner plates stacked with my great-grandmother's dessert plates.

We eat all of our meals at our small kitchen table, and only use this one when we have people over, so it's been easy to have it set up like this all the time because I rarely have to move everything.
But now that we've gone from being a family of 3 to a family of 5, as soon as the twins are big enough to start joining us at the table we're going to have to eat all our meals at this one, because our kitchen table only seats 4. I've been trying to figure out a new table arrangement that I won't have to move at every meal, because this one would be a pain.

What I really wanted was a grouping of either glass or silver candlesticks, like these:

I searched a few stores but in the end decided I better use what I already had and not spend any money. 

What I already had were these two candlesticks:

A couple coats of silver and white paint, plus newly-stacked plates, and here is my table now:

I topped the plates with some shells and rocks that I found at the beach.

My cute artichokes have now taken up residency in a metal basket above my kitchen cabinets.

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