05 May 2011

Before & After Thursday

Who doesn't have an ugly, mirrored medicine cabinet in their bathroom? Here's a pretty idea by Andrea from White Inspirations-



Is this inspiring, or what?! I think I hear some of you ripping the doors off of your medicine cabinets.... For the details on Andrea's project, go here.


  1. You are right, Brooke! I am guilty of ugly medicine cabinets in both my master bathroom and guest bathroom, thanks to the previous owner! We already bought a new one but hubby has yet to hang them!

    By the way, nice makeover. Love the blue and white beach theme combo.

  2. Oh my gosh, my mouth literally dropped open when I saw the after... and I think I even drooled. That is So Cute and perfect for my bathrooms. My old silver medicine cabinets better watch out... and so had the medicine in them... I just took a picture of this so I can copy it! :)

  3. whaaaaaaat??? That is gorgeous! Awesome job Andrea! :)

  4. I love makeovers, even on cabinets :) Ours is in need of major help. HELP! I'm your newest follower and I love before/afters. Please post more! :) Would love for you to visit my blog if you have a chance.

  5. Brooke, you're so sweet!
    I'm honored to be featured on your blog! :)
    Thank you so much! :)
    You made my day! :)

  6. Beautiful!

    I wanted to say thanks for adding my blog button, you've sent some traffic my way! I haven't got a blogroll yet but when I do add one (probably next month) I will add your button. Thanks.