23 May 2011

Blog swap with Third Floor Design Studio

I'm so excited to introduce you to Kimberly from Third Floor Design Studio! She and I are swapping blogs for the day, so after you read her guest post here, please come check out her cute blog and the post I wrote for her! This girl is super talented AND super sweet, so I'm really happy that she's my first-ever guest poster!!

It's all you, Kimberly!!

Hi there! Thanks for letting me stop by today! I'm so excited to be guest posting here. I want to talk vintage for a minute. I love a room with vintage touches. They add character and a more personal feel to any space. Even if you didn't inherit your great grandmother's china, there are so many ways to bring a little bit of the old in with the new! Here are a few suggestions -- they're easy to do and just as easy to change once you're ready for something different! {*Your local thrift store will be your BEST resource!}

So for a while we saw the empty frames on every wall. Try getting the same effect but switch it up with handheld mirrors. You still get that old eclectic feel but in a totally different way.


Shutters not only add that hint of vintage, but provide a fresh new way to stay organized or display memories. I tried this in one of my college apartments. I used old wood slat doors, painted them a beautiful teal, and filled them with pictures. It was definitely a conversation piece!  


Old doors. The options are endless. A few of my favorite are below. If you can score one with the original hardware you're golden! There's no doubt they'll add a rustic old feeling to any space.

A very quick change is getting new hardware. Anthropologie has so many fabulous vintage choices. Hobby Lobby even surprised me with their hardware selection.  


For my little abode, I wanted a touch of vintage, but gave it a retro spin. I had been swooning over the ever popular sunburst mirror and decided to just make one myself! It was super easy, cheap, and added just the right amount of vintage for me. Here's the tutorial!

Thanks so much for letting me stop by! I always love to hear your thoughts so come visit at Third Floor Design Studio! What vintage touches have you added to your home?

Kimberly Moore

Third Floor Design Studio

Thanks so much Kimberly! What great ideas! 
Now please come join me at Kimberly's blog where I'm giving ideas for making bowl fillers. 


  1. These are such great ideas! I looove the shutters; I've never seen them used like that, and now all I can think about are all the ways I could decorate with them! I also love the table made with the old door.... and I am kicking myself right now for throwing out the old wooden front door that was originally on my house! Uuugh!!!

  2. I just know I'm going to spend the rest of the week {okay, probably longer} daydreaming about a powder bath decorated with antique hand-held mirrors....LOVE it!!!

  3. I love the shutter turned message board idea. It's a very creative and unexpected way for recycling old shutters! It's budget friendly and practical, too. Nice post!


  4. how are you attaching the mirrors to the wall? i love this idea for our powder room!

    1. I haven't done this, so I'm not sure how the mirrors in that particular photo were hung. But if you look closely at the edges of all the mirrors in the picture it looks like there are 4 wires or something that wrap around the frame of the mirror. So it looks like there's some kind of hanging hardware that's attached to the wall and then the mirrors were set inside. Maybe if you search a hardware store you could find something like that. If not maybe I'd attach the little saw-tooth, picture-hanging hardware to the backs of the mirrors (like if the mirrors were wooden) or I'd try command strips (especially with the metal mirrors). There may be better ways, but not having done it myself that's the only thing I can come up with right now. Good luck; I love this look too- it'd look amazing in a powder bath!