11 May 2011

A cute new bag...and a cute new bag!!

My wonderful sister gave me this pretty pink clutch for Mother's Day:
I love it!!! I took it out with me to a girl's night last night and it made me feel fabulous. 
{Later last night I thought my cute new bag was going to be taken from me by a group of homeless men in a dark parking lot. Word to the wise, girls, never walk alone to your car in the middle of the night!}

This morning as I was folding up the bag from the store this purse came from, I noticed this list of cities on the side of the bag:
I've never noticed this on the Aldo bags before but I've probably just overlooked it till now. I always save store bags because I can usually find some great new use for them. {Case in point.}
I am really excited about this one, even though so far I have no idea what I'll end up doing with it. But there has to be some awesome thing I can do with this list.....any ideas? In the meantime this cute store bag is sharing a home in my closet with my cute pink bag. Love them both.


  1. Cute purse! Phew! Luckily, nothing unfortunate happened. Oh, I also like saving store bags, too! I like to recycle them, not exactly recycling them and put them in a recycle bin but reusing them. I love to keep my handbags in these store bags to prevent scratches and stuff. I love my handbags, I can't help it! Hehehehe...

  2. oooh, I'm kind of picturing some kind of wall art with a map and that list and maybe some exotic pictures blended in... some kind of collage maybe? Good idea to save the bag! I would have never thought of that!!

  3. Cute bag!! Girl, you need to get a tazer (or a police baton)if you're gonna be walkin around at night by yourself! You can get a small one for about $40... definitely worth the peace of mind. Here's a pic of mine (it's pretty small) http://bontempsbeignet.blogspot.com/2011/02/tagged-cant-leave-home-without.html

    Wouldn't want anything to happen to you!