27 May 2011

Elmers has a new fan

Until recently, I had no idea that Elmer's was more that just a glue that kids like to spread on their hands. Then I won an Elmer's Craft & Tell kit from a giveaway at Serenity Now and it's full of cool crafting supplies. (I used one of them on this clock!) A couple days ago I discovered that the best thing in the kit are the Bi-fold Foam Boards.
I was in desperation mode trying to figure out an inexpensive but meaningful gift that I could make for my son's kindergarten teacher. I remembered the Elmer's kit and decided to use one of the foam boards to make her a pretty card. 

I wanted to make a book page silhouette of children on the front of the card, so I found a picture that I liked and covered the back of it with pages that I ripped from the book "Tuesdays with Morrie". 

It felt so wrong to be ripping that book apart! But I read it in high school and haven't read it since. My book of choice for these types of projects has been a murder mystery book that I read years ago and have no plans to read again. But I didn't want my son's sweet teacher to start scrutinizing her card and see stuff about a stabbing, so I chose a nice book instead. 

After gluing down all the book pages with a glue stick, I flipped the picture back over and cut out the two silhouettes. Doing it this way was so much easier than free-handing something like this. If I'd sat and  created the silhouettes by hand using only little cut-outs from book pages, it would have taken me hours. But by gluing the pages to the back of something that was already made, it only took me a few minutes to have two perfect looking silhouettes. 

I painted the front and back of the foam board-

then I made a tree in the center of the front cover using a strip of a brown paper bag. {-I'm getting as much life out of that West Elm bag as I can!}

I used Mod Podge to glue down the silhouettes on either side of the tree, and I cut out more book pages and glued them at the top for leaves. I ripped a few thin strips from the edges of some book pages where there wasn't any text, and used that at the bottom of the picture as grass.

I found this gem-of-a-sentence on the last page of "Tuesdays with Morrie"-
-so I ripped it out and stuck it in the grass.

Once everything was glued down I covered the whole outside of the foam board, front and back with Mod Podge. (I did the back so that the whole thing would have the same shiny finish.)
Here it is covered in wet Mod Podge:

And here it is finished:

On the inside I used Mod Podge to attach a picture and letter from my son on one half, and a thank you letter from my husband and I on the other half. 

Such a cute card, right?! I can't get over these foam boards- they're great! 


  1. Wow brook! So adorable! You amaze me! A mother of three young adorable kids and you also have an amazing, fun, blog that gives everyone awesome ideas! I love and miss your sweet family.

  2. Oops sorry Brooke I didn't realize my e didn't type on your name! Luv ya thanks again for your blog!

  3. Your handmade card is creative, sweet and thoughtful. What a great idea!

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Brooke!


  4. Really cute! Have a good weekend!

  5. This is sooooooo cute! Handmade cards are always so fun to receive. Love it!