08 May 2011

It's Mama's Day!

I will be spending Mother's Day in my favorite way: after church I am changing into pj's, parking on the couch, and watching hours of tv and movies, all while shoveling down cookies, cake, and treats. What a glorious day. It's going to be extra special this year because my little brother, who is serving a two year mission for our church, will be calling home today. I haven't talked to him except through email since Christmas so I am so excited to hear his voice!! He's making me super proud.
My wish for today is that every mom gets to spend her day exactly as she wants to.

Before I go, I want to thank Cookie Nut Creations for featuring my cleaning towel pillow on Friday! Please check them out when you get a chance; they are a great group of girls (one is a friend of mine!) and they have lots of fun ideas on their site. My tip: make your first stop at the brownie covered Oreos. They'd be a great treat for today!

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Parking on the couch all day while watching movies/tv and having your favorite treats sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.

    Happy Mother's Day, Brooke!


  2. Oh wow, I just looked at the brownie covered Oreos! Now I'm sitting at my desk dreaming of gooey chocolaty goodness... They look soooo amazing!!