24 May 2011

New look for a metal bowl (and a clock)

For a while now I've been thinking that this bowl would look way better in white.

My suspicions were confirmed when I saw this picture in a Flor catalog:
Look at that- the exact same bowls. This makes me wish I had two of them! 
{I have to say I have no idea how I even noticed the bowls because those gorgeous walls are so distracting! This makes me reeeally want an old house so I can pick all the plaster off the wood slat walls!}

Here is mine after getting a fresh coat (or three) of white paint:

I love this thing. It's going to be a pain packing it up to move because this sucker is heavy. It has to be boxed with things that are pretty much indestructible. But I will never, ever part with it. 
It's way too pretty.

For now it's back in it's spot above the cabinets. 
 I plan in our next house to find it a more prominent place to live. 

Aaaaand, since once I get started I just can't stop.....

I repainted (for like the bazillionth time) this little clock in our breakfast nook:


I really wish I had pictures of the many looks of this clock. I've painted this thing more times than I can count. I've been hating it's previous look for a long time so since I already had the white paint out for my bowl, I grabbed this off the wall and repainted it too.

I feel like now that I have two blindingly-white clocks, the rooms look a little more balanced. 

That's it. The white paint has been put away. {For now...}


  1. Love your newly painted bowl! Maybe you can give your beautiful bowl a more prominent space in your living room and put it on your coffee table
    (filled with real or faux fruits)as a centerpiece? Just a thought.

    Thanks for your comment on my guest post. It made my day! :)


  2. It is addicting! I go a little "cuckoo crazy" when I get the spray paint out. Who cares it's only paint. I love the bowl white. I'm totally into lattice detail at the moment. Great job it looks wonderful. You mentioned you were renting? You can't tell from the pictures on your blog. Your home looks so fresh and inviting. I can't wait to see what you do when you have your very own place.

  3. Isn't paint a great thing? Great job on the DIY projects. White is so clean and simple but it looks wonderful.