16 May 2011

A new tablescape

This is how I have had our dining room table for the past couple of years:
I totally copied it from The Old Painted Cottage. I bought the artichoke tea-light holders from Jennifer's store, and loved the way she had them arranged on her own table, so I did the same look using cheap Walmart dinner plates stacked with my great-grandmother's dessert plates.

We eat all of our meals at our small kitchen table, and only use this one when we have people over, so it's been easy to have it set up like this all the time because I rarely have to move everything.
But now that we've gone from being a family of 3 to a family of 5, as soon as the twins are big enough to start joining us at the table we're going to have to eat all our meals at this one, because our kitchen table only seats 4. I've been trying to figure out a new table arrangement that I won't have to move at every meal, because this one would be a pain.

What I really wanted was a grouping of either glass or silver candlesticks, like these:

I searched a few stores but in the end decided I better use what I already had and not spend any money. 

What I already had were these two candlesticks:

A couple coats of silver and white paint, plus newly-stacked plates, and here is my table now:

I topped the plates with some shells and rocks that I found at the beach.

My cute artichokes have now taken up residency in a metal basket above my kitchen cabinets.

Weekend Bloggy Reading


  1. I love it Brooke; that looks so good!!

  2. I really like the first set up with the artichokes and chargers!

  3. Very nice I love the table the legs are fabulous!

  4. It looks great! Functional, but elegant. I love the touch with the shells and rocks.

    I have been looking for artichokes like yours though, where did you pick those up? I have a HUGE table that is begging for something on top.

    Visiting from Amanda's Weekend Bloggy Reading Link Up!

  5. Very pretty, I like it, it looks so summery!

  6. I want the artichokes! they are adorable :) But I also love the simple serenity of the new look!