09 May 2011

Organizing my ideas

For years, whenever I had a decorating idea I would scribble it down on the back pages of my planner. Then, when that became too full, I started using notebooks to write everything down in, and also to keep a "wish list"- a list of everything that I was lusting after so that when ever a holiday, birthday, or just extra money came around, I'd know exactly what I wanted to use it for.

The only problem with this method was that I had nothing to do with things like paint & fabric swatches, and pictures from catalogs and magazines that I liked. Most of them got thrown away except for my absolute favorites, which got shoved between the pages of these notebooks. Not the neatest way to store them. Lately the magazines have been stacking up, because I've been unable to part with them and all of my favorite pages with their corners turned down. I kept thinking that if I poured over them enough, the images would burn into my brain and I'd be able to remember them forever. 

Then, a good friend of mine sent me a link to this post from Seven7h House on the Left and changed my unorganized little world. Why didn't I ever think about putting together an inspiration binder?! Duh!

Hello stack of magazines to sort through. I relish the excuse to go through you again!

It may look like chaos but this mess has a plan- I sorted all of my favorite pictures into categories:
My House (for paint swatches, fabric, etc that I've used), Decor, Furniture, Lighting, Textiles (I'm using that one for anything and everything that has to do with fabric), Kids, Home Design, Outdoors, Organizing, and Events.

I put everything into sheet protectors in a binder and separated them with page dividers. 

I kept my own stuff right up front. Look at that adorable tissue paper- It came with my diaper bag and I used some of it to cover the letters of my twin's names and hang on their wall. 

I am completely obsessed with this counter bench. Forget barstools, I want this beautiful thing!

Remember these mirrors? I love this picture; I look at it all the time.

This was on the back cover of a Room and Board catalog. I LOVE these stairs!! I love how they go behind and over this room. Do you think the open steps are safe for small children? My two little ones are pretty chubby; I don't think they'd fit through there. Anyway, every time I look at this stairway I swoon. 

Love that I can now put my two green notebooks in the back of my binder.

Ah, I feel so organized!!


  1. Great idea, Brooke! I don't have any inspiration file or binders simply because I don't have the heart to tear out my favorite mags.

    Your comment cracked me up. As for Mother's Day, well it's unconventional and memorable. Why? Because I spend the entire day painting my master bedroom walls and touching it up. It was a relatively big room (almost the size of two medium rooms). Not my ideal way of spending mother's day but at least I got one project down! :) Very satisfied with the outcome. Will post some pictures soon.


  2. I love that you put this idea to good use! Sighhhhh, I want my own house so that we can be creative together. P.S. I'm going to send you the pics of the twins that I took the last time I was home. Sophie is making the best facial expression in one of them. Miss you! XOXO

  3. Oooo I like this idea! Thanks for sharing

  4. I've been typing up a "Wish List" in the Memos section on my phone. They're two or three words long each, and no pictures. I love the binder idea!!

  5. Being organized just feels sooooooo good! Love the binder. Your blog is so cute too!