07 May 2011

Porch envy

Has anyone thought about my blog title and wondered "When is she going to get to the 'out' part of design?" {Meaning, the outside of a house}?  I've meant to; I have. It's just that my home's exterior is so completely uninspiring that it doesn't give me much to write about. That and the fact that we move out of this place in the summer has kept me totally unmotivated to do anything with the outside. In fact, I'm ashamed to admit, that up until two days ago my front porch was still sporting the dead mums that I planted last fall. {Don't judge; I had twins. I don't usually play that card but I'm playing it now!}

You know what would inspire me to put more thought into my front porch? If I had one like this:
Just look how that wraps around.....mmmm, I love it!

I think the stair railings look like open arms just waiting to welcome you home.

I've made a promise to myself that someday I'll have a pretty front porch.


  1. I'm right there with you on the porch envy....we have more of a "stoop" then a porch, I'll have to take some inspiration from these lovely pics and get my outside spruced up too.

    Hope you have a super Mother's Day.

  2. Brooke, the worst thing about your porch is dead mums. We bought our house in less than a year ago and the porch we inherited from the previous owners is basically falling apart.

    I am sure you will find time to spruce it up one day. I have porch envy, too! :)

    Happy Mother's Day, Brooke!

  3. I would love to have a porch like that first home. One day I will. One can always dream :)

  4. I dream the same dream!! I want a wrap around porch and I LOVE craftsmen style...but, I also love colonial! It's gonna be hard someday..when..or if we build. I can dream though, right?!

  5. I love front porches! My current house has a tiny front porch but a huge side porch... so I take advantage of that. I love sitting out there with the kitties. The pictures are lovely :)

  6. I love these porches! I have blog stalked you many a times and totally thought I had followed you...apparently I must have closed the window that pops up before I had signed in! Love the twins and thanks for following me too! I thought I was busy with one baby!

  7. ohhh i love the fourth photo with the comfy porch swing :) great for a summer's day. Enjoying your posts. thanks for sharing

  8. I love the first house! Can you tell me where you found that picture?