10 June 2011

Another table is done...

...and I swear I'm putting down the paint brush for awhile...at least on the furniture.

I have to admit I hesitated on this one just a little because it was already pretty the way it was.

But after painting my coffee tables and really liking the Martha Stewart Precious Metals "Tin" shade that I used on all the hardware, I couldn't get the idea of a cute little silver table out of my mind. 

So here it is now:

I bought this table on sale at World Market a couple years ago; I can't remember the exact price, but I know it wasn't more than $40.00. So the fact that it was cheap to begin with made it easier for me to decide to cover it in paint. I like that now I don't have the exact same table that millions of other people have. Plus I think it's cuter and more fun looking in it's shiny new shade.


  1. Beautiful then, beautiful now! Good job, Brooke!

  2. I love the color! It looks great. Love your tile floor, too. :)