16 June 2011

Before & After Thursday

Remember how I mentioned in a post awhile ago that you could follow a tree-trimming crew to get a tree stump to use as a table?? Well that's not exactly what Alicia from Thrifty & Chic did, but it's close enough to let me know I was on to something. She got tree stumps from a tree lot and used them as a coffee table.

Her already-insanely-gorgeous living room

And the even more gorgeous

I love that she used more than one to make a grouping of little tables.  She explains in her post how to choose the right kind of stump so you don't bring home a tree full of bugs. This is the best idea ever! 


  1. The before looks good and the after looks great! I did check out her blog and she is such a pro DIYer!


  2. This looks awesome! I currently have a tree stump in my backyard that is getting stripped of bark and sanded. I'm having trouble getting it level so I might need to haul it over to my parents to borrow my dad's tools.