23 June 2011

Before & After Thursday

Today I'm featuring a project done by Courtney at Project Pretty. She's been here before. This newest project of hers goes so perfectly with yesterday's post, and has chased away any indecision that I had about what color duvet cover I wanted to use. The answer: I'm sticking with white. And I don't know how, but if there is any way under the sun that I can get something that will look even half this pretty, I will be thrilled.



This seriously takes my breath away. Visit Courtney's blog to read more about this project. 


  1. These duvet cover looks very pretty, very West Elm-inspired! I am off to check out her blog now!

    P/S: Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I am not photogenic at all and had my fears about putting my face up there for all to see. I didn't realize you took part in the pillow cover giveaway, too! Which one would you pick if you are the winner, just wondering....

  2. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing it! I love it but I don't think I have the patience to sew it.

  3. im glad you are sticking with white. I LOVE WHITE!! my friends can't believe i have a white bedspread with 4 kids...the rule is..no sitting on our bed unless your bathed. oh, and no shoes are aloud in our home. that helps. btw..west elm has this same duvet cover. i got the euro shames for my bed. but, if you can make this go for it girl..i on the other hand, am not at crafty..
    good luck!