14 June 2011

I changed my tabletop again

For a few years my dining room table was decorated like this:

Then, in an effort to make using this table more simple, I recently changed it to this:

I've been really unsatisfied with it though; for whatever reason this just hasn't felt right. I wanted it to be so awesome that it gave me chills when I walked by, and I've been goosebump-free ever since putting this together. 

Last week while painting my little accent table silver, I brought a couple more things from around the house out to the garage so that I could also paint them in between coats on the table: 

This mirror, that I bought online several years ago and that doesn't go with anything. {It's been hiding out in my room}

And this faux-wood bowl that a woman who I worked with years ago gave me when she was cleaning out her office. 

I sanded them both and painted them with the "Tin" shade from Martha Stewart's Precious Metals paint line. I knew I wanted the wooden bowl to replace the stack of plates between the candles on the table, so when everything was dry, I brought them inside and tried the bowl out on the table.
Way better, but something was still missing.

I picked up my mirror to put back in my room, then had a thought....

Now we're talkin'! I felt a little tingle up my spine, and I knew this was my new centerpiece.

I was momentarily deflated when I realized that the space between the mirror edge and the table edge wasn't big enough to fit a plate and cup, so it would have to be moved every time we ate. I tried removing the mirror again to get another look at how the arrangement looked without it, and it was blah.

So then I said screw it and stuck the mirror back. Who cares if I have to move it for meals? At least I can pick everything up together so it'll be simple. And it looks so dang good. 

I'm also happy to have some of my cute artichoke tea-lights back on the table. If you're wondering where my stack of plates got put, it's on the kitchen table (which is where this wooden bowl used to be).

It feels so good to be satisfied.


  1. Brooke, I adore your new centerpiece. What a great idea to use a mirror as a tray to make a visual statement!


  2. I love to stop by and see what you have going how beautiful is that table?!I love it know matter what you add to it!

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