28 June 2011

I have a dream {house}

It's been floating around in my mind for almost as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I loved to think about it. At night as I was falling asleep I'd be decorating it in my mind. If I saw something in a magazine or read about a decorating idea that I loved, I'd find a spot for it in my mental dream house. If I was sad about something or having a bad day, I would envision myself in that house, and I instantly felt happier.

I'm still the same way. If I'm having a day that makes me want to rip my hair out, I can think about myself someday living in that house in my head and it makes me feel better. It's like the equivalent of a baby's thumb sucking- it's how I self-soothe. And I am still decorating it in my head while I'm falling asleep at night. Even though it looks totally different from the house that I envisioned as a kid, it still feels the same.

I wish I could show it to you. It's freaking amazing. And I am completely. determined. to have it.

{This isn't it, but it's the closest thing to what I'm picturing that I could find in 5 minutes....so something sorta like this. But with a third floor. And a basement. And maybe a small second-story porch.}

Am I a wacko, or does anyone else do this??


  1. So Wacko! I'm right there with you. I day dream about my dream house on the beach in Coronado.

  2. Every night, as I was falling asleep, I thought a great deal about decorating, too. Mostly about decorating my own home and not dream homes because I know they are not mine. :)

    Sometimes, if I think too much, I ended up having a hard time sleeping. LOL.

    We are kinda similar, aren't we?


  3. I do the same thing! What's really bad is I always want to wait to do things because I'm going to do it in my "dream home". Oh, I also decorate and redecorate in my head. I like to move things around. Sometimes it works, and sometimes not.

  4. I am the same way! And my dream house is similar, with a giant wrap-around porch and a huge green lawn and a porch swing you can nap on. *Happy sigh.* See? I feel better just thinking about it. :)

  5. Ha ha - you sound completely normal to me ;) I love falling asleep with decor ideas floating around in my mind!

  6. Definitely not a wacko. And if it does make you a wacko, it's better to be a wacko than normal. I fantasise about my dream house all the time. I even fantasise about how I'd decorate it at Christmas. I want an entrance hall, just because I could work wonders with it at Christmas.

    And no doubt moan about having to dust it for the remaining eleven months of the year...

    Most of my dream house is unlikely to happen though. A lot of it is shaped by houses I've stayed in in Canada and houses just aren't like that here. Anything even approaching them will have a massive house valuation on top, well beyond anything I'll ever be able to pay.