17 June 2011

My husband is the best

Look what he brought home to me yesterday:

I'm back to floating through shipping pallet euphoria as I dream up what to do with this baby.

Happy Friday!


  1. Lucky girl! Now, you can put all those master-plans to work! lol


  2. husband's are great like that! i'll KIT to see what you end up doing! btw..head on over to our blog! i just finished my GIANT frame! ;)

  3. I saw the post the other day about your pallet plans foiled. Those were some really cool photos you posted on things that can be made with a pallet! I happen to work at a place where we constantly have a stock of pallets and I never even once would have thought how simple it would be to make something with them. To me, they have always been just a pile of wood we had to work around. Not anymore.... =) Have fun with your project!

  4. Anonymous17 June, 2011

    OK - I was happily "blog-hopping" and came across yours for the 1st time. I had to admit that you being all happy about your husband bringing you a wooden pallet had me stumped. Until, that is, I scrolled down and saw your previous posts and photos showing what you can do with them. I am SO going out ASAP to find some pallets of my own! CLEVER!

  5. Cant wait to see what you do with it!!! I saw a pallet on wheels as a low daybed that was really great!
    xo Allison

    Spicer + Bank