27 June 2011

The power of rugs

No matter how beautifully a room is decorated, no room is complete without a rug. They help to define different areas, especially in a house with an open floor plan. Plus they just make everything look so finished.

Currently, only one room in my house has a rug, and that's my living room. Every other room is impatiently waiting.

My husband can't understand why, with three kids, I want to stick a rug under our dining room table. "It will get food all over it!" That's okay- that's what vacuums and Resolve are for.

I keep trying to show him that as it is, our table looks like it is lost at sea.
It needs something to ground it- a safe, island of rug.

Thanks to this beautiful jute rug that I got for Christmas, my living room furniture doesn't look like it's floating aimlessly over an ocean of tile- it's perfectly anchored by the rug.

{My favorite part of this rug: the pretty fringe at the ends!}

Some people may feel that if you have beautiful or expensive flooring, the last thing you should do is to cover it with a rug. But I think that there's ALWAYS such a thing as too much of a good thing. No matter how nice a floor is, it doesn't mean that every square inch of it needs to be exposed. (It's just like with people- look at Giselle: she's gorgeous yet she still wears clothes!)

Look how these already pretty rooms look so complete and pulled together with their rugs:

The moral of this post: don't leave your poor furniture adrift on an open floor. Give it a safe haven with an awesome rug!


  1. You are so right and my floors are so wrong! I need an area rug in my family room, master bedroom, and living room, but I'm too cheap. I keep looking but haven't bitten the bullet. I haven't found the right combo of right price and great stlye. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I have to agree with you! No matter how beautiful a room is, a rug adds that extra flare :) We were JUST talking about adding rugs to our next home after we have kids because it's just safer for them. LOVE that rug in the bedroom and the dining room. :)

  3. Love that red and white striped one. They really do anchor a room.

  4. I agree that incorporating a rug in a room always anchors a space, defines an area and make a room look finished. As for your hubby's concern with getting stains on a rug in a dining room, I have seen a few fellow bloggers using outdoor rugs. Maybe you can do the same, too!

    As for my bedroom, it's coming along nicely. We painted the walls a very light gray because we have dark wood furniture. I really wanted to show you guys my room but my room is a mess now. I will take pictures after all the stuff in the room is removed. My hubby is planning to install hardwood floors in there. The room now has a dirty looking berber carpet that we inherited from the previous owner.

    Since my husband is really busy taking care of our crazy backyard, he doesn't have time to install the wood floors until a few more months, I think.

    Anyway, it's so nice of you to think of your sister if you have won a giveaway. What a sweet sister you are!

    Oh, I just found these convex mirrors at West Elm. I know you have been looking for these for a while.


    Tell me what you think.


  5. I agree with you and your husband. I have hardwood floors through out the whole house. I love it. every area has a rug, EXCEPT under my kitchen table. I got tired of scraping crusty stuff out of it. so much easier to mop.

  6. I don't think anything brings a room together better than a beautiful rug! We have also been without one in our living room since we moved in and I hate it! It's just such a big investment and I am yet to find the perfect one! Really love the red stripey one in the third image!

  7. I totally agree. I am completely in love with our hardwoods (after LABORIOUSLY installing them ourselves over a six-month period!) but I still love the softness of rugs. The zebra rug in that pic is amazing! I've gotta find a place for one of those babies.

  8. My poor lost furniture.... unfortunately I don't think they will see an island any time soon. As soon as the husband is a doctor though I'm totally buying rugs!!

  9. I agree...rugs are such an anchor in a room.....