29 July 2011

Did I say I was done with big projects??

 .... cause I'm finishing one up. I just couldn't stand the idea of packing up this table and moving it when I was so unsatisfied with how it looked.

This is an old picture- I snapped a hasty one with my phone of the whole thing 
before it went to the garage, but this one will do for today.

I like this table, but the look of it just hasn't been doing it for me. I don't like how with the current coloring it kind of hides at the back of the room. I wanted it to be special.

I contemplated a lot of different ideas and I think the one I finally decided on is pretty fab.

Pictures soon!

28 July 2011

Before & After Thursday

 I am loving this glam master bedroom makeover done by Stacy at Conspicuous Style.



You have to check it out so you can see my favorite part- the fab chandeliers! Gorgeous job Stacy!

27 July 2011

Pillows: the good, the bad, and the overdone

 Does anyone else watch The Marriage Ref on Sunday nights? Did you see this week's about the lady who was obsessed with pillows? She had 19 pillows on her and her husband's bed.

While I don't want to cover a sleeping or sitting surface so entirely with pillows that it makes actually using it impossible, I do have a passion for pillows.

Done right, they complete a room and look so inviting....

Some cute round chair cushions to sit on? Yes please!

You know I'm a sucker for zebra...

Done wrong, and pillows can be the fluff that broke the bedroom's back...{or the living room's...}

These round chair pads make me want to gag...

You could lose a person in this pillow pile and have no idea...

I guess instead of sitting on their couch, these people like to perch...

Here's a solution if there's just not enough couch space for all the pillows that you want...

26 July 2011

A giveaway at Mix and Chic

 Jessie at Mix and Chic is having a giveaway of Samantha Kay jewelry. One lucky winner will get to choose a gorgeous piece of jewelry from Samantha's etsy shop. Hurry over to Jessie's blog to enter- I just did! (Five times!)

What I'm hoping to win...

Good luck!

25 July 2011

Christmas in July

 Christmas came early for me this year. At least that's what it feels like. My parents have a bunch of stuff stored that belonged to my great grandmother, and this weekend I GOT DIBS.

My Dad met my husband and I to look at it, and told me that I could have what ever I wanted. Then he rolled open the door and we all got a big puff of dust/dirt/dead bugs in our faces.

Rob was still choking on spider webs when I started squealing and jumping up and down.

The table I ate at as a kid

A mirrored sideboard + two hard-to-see chairs

The vanity where I learned to do my make up at 13

A dresser

In my head I was hearing that song, "I want it all...I want it all...I want it all...and I want it now!"
{Rob was still standing in the doorway with a disgusted look on his face.}

This stuff really is in awful shape. Like gross...dirty........and covered in dust, scratches, spider webs and even some spilled nail polish. But oooooh the potential....it has me giddy. Can you imagine that sideboard after it's all cleaned up and with a fresh coat of paint? And that table after hours of sanding and a dark stain?? They are going to be pretty!!! 

I'm so glad I've been getting rid of stuff. Now I've made room in the moving truck for more. Not that all of this will be coming with us right away....some my dad will bring up to us later. 

I now have projects to last me months and I'm stoked. I want this move to be over with so I can hurry up and get started!

21 July 2011

Before & After Thursday

 I just found a great blog with a bathroom I'm obsessed with....
Nancy at Dream it...build it...style it! and her husband Tony gutted their bathroom and took it from pink nightmare to super glam bathroom of my dreams.



If you do nothing else today, go over to this blog and check out this transformation! You will be wowed, I promise you. I swear if we weren't renting, I'd be in my bathroom with a jack-hammer right now. 

19 July 2011

Illuminate Your Space

Today I'm up to my ears in moving boxes and packing supplies, so I'm getting a break from blogging with a guest post from Arcadian Lighting. Let's get lighting ideas from the experts!

There's no point in spending painstaking hours choosing the right wall color and accent pieces for a space if it isn't properly lit. A light fixture can make or break the entire look of a room - and the choices of lighting fixtures are endless. From wall sconces and Tiffany lamps to under cabinet lighting, the way in which you illuminate your space is crucial to a well-coordinated stylish space.

Mod and chic
Lighting Options
The Lennoxx (via)
A chandelier doesn't have to be wrought-iron or adorned in crystals - this modern twist on the traditional is white to match the table and chairs, giving this dining room a seamless look.

A perfect match
Lighting Options
Decordir (via)
Identical table lamps placed on either side of a room, like these metallic light fixtures propped on the ends of a couch, create balance and symmetry.

Similarly stylish
Lighting Options
Furniture Portland (via)
Lighting fixtures can become decor accents when they have similar designs - they can act as a way to tie the entire look of a room together.

Outdoor opulence
Lighting Options
HGTV (via)
Illuminate your space outdoors and create a dreamy landscape. Spotlights, inset lights on the deck and even pretty white lights strung in trees are all great outdoor lighting options.

Contemporary workspace
Lighting Options
Modern Interior, Architecture and Furniture Design (via)
Turn an ordinary home office into a urban oasis with edgy ceiling light fixtures like these outer-space-inspired orbs.

Posh pendants
Lighting Options
decor8 (via)
Beds flanked with beautiful wall sconces offer both form and function - they are visually appealing and double as convenient reading lights.

Exotic luminaries
Lighting Options
Lolalina (via)
A back porch can be accented by an endless array of light fixtures - think outside the box and opt for shabby chic lanterns fashioned out of colored glass jugs.

Light showpieces
Lighting Options
The Lennoxx (via)
A vignette looks oh-so-haute-couture when the decor elements are doubled - two boldly-coloured window treatments are mixed with identical table lamps and two luxurious foot stools.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality light fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Come visit us today!

Is anyone else drooling over that first picture?? Thanks Arcadian Lighting for the post! (And for giving me a break from blogging today!)

Company Bio: "Arcadian Lighting is the best source for lighting fixtures and accessories at discount prices. Arcadian Lighting has been in the lighting industry for over 15 years selling decorative home lighting fixtures and lamps online, and has become one of the top Internet retailers for home lighting products."


18 July 2011

Clearin' the place out

 My house is a far cry from what it was a few weeks ago...

Empty walls and shelves in the living room

Bedroom furniture in the dining room, sold and waiting to be picked up.

Dining room table in the breakfast nook
{The high chair center piece just isn't doing it for me like this one did.}

 Boxes everywhere

Thanks to a successful yard sale this weekend, I now have clear space behind the couch again.

We were really happy that pretty much everything sold. And yes, for those who are wondering, I won the bet between my husband and I because my white clock sold.
{Who cares that it was my mother who bought it? Someone wanted it. That makes me the winner.}

I'm still running random things out to the garage to get a quick coat of paint before getting packed up in a box. As I've been packing I've found things that haven't been used in a long time, but that I'm sure I will do something with if they have a fresh look. I promised my husband there'd be no more big projects till after the move, but teeny tiny stuff like this doesn't count, right?

15 July 2011

A solution for a candle....thingy

 I have no idea what to call this:

It's just a big piece of wood with holes in the top that have candles sitting in them. I bought it about 7 years ago when my husband and I bought our first couch. I saw it in the furniture store and I just had to have it. 

At our last house I had it sitting up in a windowsill in our living room. It sat there for 4 years, and the heat from the sunlight coming in through the window half melted all the candles. In this house I've had it on the bottom shelf of this table, but I haven't loved it since 4 years of melting + dust have made these candles look pretty gross. 
{Don't judge me for all that dust- how the heck do you dust WAX??}

I had wondered what it would look like if I replaced all the candles with flowers, but I wasn't sure I would like it. But then Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick gave me the visual I needed. Last week I was reading about her family room redo and I instantly zeroed in on this picture:

Not sure if her's is like mine and originally held candles, but it looks really similar. And I love how her's looks with all the flowers lined up.

So now that I knew how much awesomer my candle holder would look with flowers I ran out to Michaels and bought a bunch. I love the way Sarah's looks with the mix of white and green flowers so I totally copied. {{Thanks Sarah for the great idea!!}}

Here are my flowers

First I had to get all the candles out of the holes. Not an easy job. I used a butter knife to pry them out.

Yuck. These things looked really gross when I got them all out!
Into the garbage they go.

My piece of wood was left looking like this:

After scraping off the leftover wax and wiping the whole thing down with Pledge, I pulled all the flower bunches off of their stems and set them in the holes. 

So much prettier!!

You may be wondering why I'm bothering to do things like this when I'm packing up to move anyway. But as I'm packing up this place, I've been mentally unpacking our next house, and planning where everything is going to go. I can't just wrap something up and throw it in a box when I know that in it's current state it's not going to work in the next house. So before I pack something I make sure it looks the way I'm gonna want it to when I unpack. Makes for lots less stress later. 

I'm so happy I found a solution for this candle thing. I feel like these flowers have unleashed it's prettiest potential!

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