12 July 2011

A drive-by of homes in Minneapolis

 I'm back after a long week of searching for a house to rent in Minneapolis, MN; it's where we'll be moving to in a few weeks. I've never been there before and completely fell in love with it. The architecture of the homes there is amazing- I love old houses with lots of character and charm, and these had tons!

One day while we were there we drove around to look at some of the homes that are NOT in our price-range at the moment....some of these houses were so pretty I seriously could have cried. I kept imagining hurling myself out of the car and onto the perfectly manicured lawns, beating my fists into the feather-soft grass and wailing "Whyyyyyy don't I have a house like THIS!?!?"

But tantrums are so unattractive. So I stayed in the car and took pictures instead.

I loved this pretty front gate at one of the houses:

*I'm sorry if some of these photos made you a little dizzy. By the time some of these were taken, all my husband wanted to do was get back to the hotel, which left me desperately dangling out of the car window with my camera, while he was speeding down the streets.

Come back tomorrow to see a famous house that I got to "meet"!


  1. I am in love with that first house!

  2. You did better than me. I would have given into the tantrum....lol Great photos---love these homes!!

  3. Yummy pictures. You would look good in any or all of these houses. Why are you moving?

  4. Beautiful homes. I love browsing super expensive homes we can't afford, too! It's fun to dream and imagine for a second along the lines of "If only that house was mine..." LOL.


  5. WOW those are some snazzy homes...........it's so fun to do "drive-by-photo-shootings" we have an area here in Ottawa where all the embassy's and mega cha-chings live........maybe I should do some drive-by's

    BTW love the new blog design.

  6. What gorgeous homes, Brooke !! I love going for drives into fabulous neighborhoods where I can daydream !! And, lucky you, I see many triips to the Mall of America in your future. Thanks so much for your sweet note about my "new" chateaux grey island. And, um, yes, I'm pretty sure that I'm thinking what you're thinking that I'm thinking about doing to my cabinets. LOL (PS: tantrums *can* be cute, sometimes ...) xo

  7. Anonymous12 July, 2011

    You are moving to my home state!!! I love MN but I hate the long cold winters. The houses are amazing and you'll definitely love the four seasons even if one is 9 months long. haha... the other ones tend to be short but they are beautiful and a lot of fun. :) Erica

  8. I discovered your blog today - love it! I will definitely be stopping by again. As a MSP resident, I can relate to your experience. There is nothing I love more than to drive around one of our many lakes and "dream." Sigh!