13 July 2011

I met my house crush

 Any other Rehab Addict fans out there? When my twins were first born, I spent the hours each day that it took to feed them sitting in front of the tv watching Nicole Curtis renovate houses. I love everything about her style and I especially appreciate how she doesn't go into 100 year old houses and refit them with cherry cabinets and granite countertops- she "restores them to their former glory" by getting them back to what they would have looked like before the effects of time and bad remodels in the '70's. I love it.

By far my favorite project, the one that had me perched on the edge of the couch every day, was this house in Minneapolis:
Yes, I took this picture. Cause yes I went there.

The whole way up to Minnesota I was hoping to be able to find this place. Then one day while we were in Minneapolis, a guy who will go to church with us was driving us around so we could get to know the city better, and all of a sudden we came around a corner and I saw it. I started shrieking from the back seat "That's the house!!! Holy crap, that's IT!!!!" I made my husband find our way back to it the next day so I could get out of the car and take pictures. 

And oh, is it glorious. 

No one is living here, by the way, which is why I was able to run all around the outside, taking pictures and peering into the windows like a psyco. I kept hoping the neighbors wouldn't come out and yell at me.

This is my attempt to get a picture of the living room through the front window. Not a very good picture, but you can kind of see inside...

The house has been staged to try to help it sell, so it's decorated a little and looks pretty. It was killing me that I couldn't go in. 

I love all the pretty window boxes on this house.

This one is above the front porch:

I'm pretty sure these are the original light fixtures. I remember an episode where Nicole was trying to clean them up. I love that she keeps as much of the existing fixtures as she can.

A pretty side door

And of course I had to get MY picture with it, just to prove I was there.

It's probably so lame, but I seriously felt like I was meeting a celebrity by being at this house! I almost felt like I should go up to it all shy and be like, "Hi gorgeous house, I'm such a fan! I watched you every day..." 

I don't care if you think I'm weird. That house is seriously pretty and I'm thrilled I got to have my 15 minutes with it!


  1. Don't you think it's weird you are house hunting and you drive past your dream house and it's for sale? I don't think this is just chance. Maybe it's fate and you should be living it? Is it in your price range? This is not just a coincidence!

  2. I agree with Shannon! If it's between your price range, you should totally buy it. By the way, you are adorable! :)


  3. That house is gorgeous! I love finding out I'm not the only house geek out there.

    BTW, you do look right at home there... :)