19 July 2011

Illuminate Your Space

Today I'm up to my ears in moving boxes and packing supplies, so I'm getting a break from blogging with a guest post from Arcadian Lighting. Let's get lighting ideas from the experts!

There's no point in spending painstaking hours choosing the right wall color and accent pieces for a space if it isn't properly lit. A light fixture can make or break the entire look of a room - and the choices of lighting fixtures are endless. From wall sconces and Tiffany lamps to under cabinet lighting, the way in which you illuminate your space is crucial to a well-coordinated stylish space.

Mod and chic
Lighting Options
The Lennoxx (via)
A chandelier doesn't have to be wrought-iron or adorned in crystals - this modern twist on the traditional is white to match the table and chairs, giving this dining room a seamless look.

A perfect match
Lighting Options
Decordir (via)
Identical table lamps placed on either side of a room, like these metallic light fixtures propped on the ends of a couch, create balance and symmetry.

Similarly stylish
Lighting Options
Furniture Portland (via)
Lighting fixtures can become decor accents when they have similar designs - they can act as a way to tie the entire look of a room together.

Outdoor opulence
Lighting Options
HGTV (via)
Illuminate your space outdoors and create a dreamy landscape. Spotlights, inset lights on the deck and even pretty white lights strung in trees are all great outdoor lighting options.

Contemporary workspace
Lighting Options
Modern Interior, Architecture and Furniture Design (via)
Turn an ordinary home office into a urban oasis with edgy ceiling light fixtures like these outer-space-inspired orbs.

Posh pendants
Lighting Options
decor8 (via)
Beds flanked with beautiful wall sconces offer both form and function - they are visually appealing and double as convenient reading lights.

Exotic luminaries
Lighting Options
Lolalina (via)
A back porch can be accented by an endless array of light fixtures - think outside the box and opt for shabby chic lanterns fashioned out of colored glass jugs.

Light showpieces
Lighting Options
The Lennoxx (via)
A vignette looks oh-so-haute-couture when the decor elements are doubled - two boldly-coloured window treatments are mixed with identical table lamps and two luxurious foot stools.

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Is anyone else drooling over that first picture?? Thanks Arcadian Lighting for the post! (And for giving me a break from blogging today!)

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  1. Lovely pictures. I like the cut glass ones hanging from the ropes.

  2. Brooke,

    Love this post.There has never in history been so much amazing lighting available! Love Arcadian Lighting!


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    Thank you so much for having us on your blog today. It looks so lovely! I am still drooling over all of the pictures ;)

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  5. I love those two porches. Stunning!

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