01 July 2011

I'm officially done with decorating my house

We're moving out in about a month, so now I'm packing everything up. As much as I hate this process, a part of me loves it too, because it's the perfect excuse to go through absolutely everything and get rid of what we don't need. Every time I carry a bulging trash bag outside, I smile.

Behind our couch I've started a pile of stuff to sell. It's been pretty easy to decide what should go in this pile- if I don't love it, and my mind hasn't made a place for it in my dream house, then behind the couch it goes.
Buh-bye, crap I don't need!!

If you look deep into this mess of leaves you'll see a familiar item that didn't make the keep cut:

Yes, it's the clock I destroyed made-over. I haven't been in love with it ever since my little experiment with the white paint and fabric, so I'm selling it. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure, so I'm betting it'll sell. (I'm literally betting it will sell- my hubby is betting it won't, but I think it'll go for at least a quarter. I'm sure one of my friends will help me win that bet.) :)

We're also selling some of our bigger items, like furniture that we're not in love with, so that there will be plenty of room in the trailer we're hauling our stuff up in for the things that we do love. I absolutely refuse to leave behind one single thing that makes our house look pretty, so parting with things I'm not the fondest of has been super easy.

So far we've said goodbye to this couch:
{Please don't look too hard around this room....things tend to fall apart a little when I'm in the middle of a project!}

And this television:

And this table and chairs:

We're also selling all of our master bedroom furniture, so I've been packing our clothes up in plastic boxes. 

I'm off to keep packing!


  1. Closer to your move! Cleaning and purging just makes things more final doesn't it?

  2. Packing is a pain in the neck but a new move to a new place is always exciting. Congrats, Brooke. Hope you find a nice place!

    By the way, the brown chest looks fabulous, maybe you can consider using it as a coffee table in your new home?


  3. Looks like you got your hands full. Heh, even after the house is sold, it can still be a bit hectic, no? It's so busy, yet it's kinda fun! Well, I hope you found a nice place afterward!