27 July 2011

Pillows: the good, the bad, and the overdone

 Does anyone else watch The Marriage Ref on Sunday nights? Did you see this week's about the lady who was obsessed with pillows? She had 19 pillows on her and her husband's bed.

While I don't want to cover a sleeping or sitting surface so entirely with pillows that it makes actually using it impossible, I do have a passion for pillows.

Done right, they complete a room and look so inviting....

Some cute round chair cushions to sit on? Yes please!

You know I'm a sucker for zebra...

Done wrong, and pillows can be the fluff that broke the bedroom's back...{or the living room's...}

These round chair pads make me want to gag...

You could lose a person in this pillow pile and have no idea...

I guess instead of sitting on their couch, these people like to perch...

Here's a solution if there's just not enough couch space for all the pillows that you want...


  1. Great post! I wouldn't say I'm obsessed, but I still like a lot of pillows. I'm sure my husband would prefer less, as the first thing he does before he sits in the family room is move all the throw pillows off the sofa!

  2. I remember in the 90s filling up half the bed with pillows. Once we all realized how annoying it was to remove all those pillows at night and the place them back in the morning- we cut back on the pillow fetish:)


  3. My husband HATES our pillows! He would love exactly zero pillows on our sofa, so his favorite thing to do is promptly hurl them across the room. I'm slightly addicted though.

  4. I like pillows but I won't be putting that many pillows as in the last three pictures. :) The round chair pads are so hideous, where did you find that? It's good for a laugh though. :)

    Have a wonderful day, Brooke.


  5. I have 13 on my bed!! I love them!! Those chair pads are pricless!! Haha Btw..good luck on your table!