15 July 2011

A solution for a candle....thingy

 I have no idea what to call this:

It's just a big piece of wood with holes in the top that have candles sitting in them. I bought it about 7 years ago when my husband and I bought our first couch. I saw it in the furniture store and I just had to have it. 

At our last house I had it sitting up in a windowsill in our living room. It sat there for 4 years, and the heat from the sunlight coming in through the window half melted all the candles. In this house I've had it on the bottom shelf of this table, but I haven't loved it since 4 years of melting + dust have made these candles look pretty gross. 
{Don't judge me for all that dust- how the heck do you dust WAX??}

I had wondered what it would look like if I replaced all the candles with flowers, but I wasn't sure I would like it. But then Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick gave me the visual I needed. Last week I was reading about her family room redo and I instantly zeroed in on this picture:

Not sure if her's is like mine and originally held candles, but it looks really similar. And I love how her's looks with all the flowers lined up.

So now that I knew how much awesomer my candle holder would look with flowers I ran out to Michaels and bought a bunch. I love the way Sarah's looks with the mix of white and green flowers so I totally copied. {{Thanks Sarah for the great idea!!}}

Here are my flowers

First I had to get all the candles out of the holes. Not an easy job. I used a butter knife to pry them out.

Yuck. These things looked really gross when I got them all out!
Into the garbage they go.

My piece of wood was left looking like this:

After scraping off the leftover wax and wiping the whole thing down with Pledge, I pulled all the flower bunches off of their stems and set them in the holes. 

So much prettier!!

You may be wondering why I'm bothering to do things like this when I'm packing up to move anyway. But as I'm packing up this place, I've been mentally unpacking our next house, and planning where everything is going to go. I can't just wrap something up and throw it in a box when I know that in it's current state it's not going to work in the next house. So before I pack something I make sure it looks the way I'm gonna want it to when I unpack. Makes for lots less stress later. 

I'm so happy I found a solution for this candle thing. I feel like these flowers have unleashed it's prettiest potential!

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  1. i LOVE this idea!! Sadly, I have one of those candle holder thingies too but mine isn't nearly as cool or as deep as yours. I think mine came from Big Lots or ikea... lame

  2. What a fabulous idea! So pretty and unexpected!


  3. Love the transformation! From What is it to Wow!
    I'm a new follower from the hop!
    Have a great weekend!