15 August 2011

Cool products alert- Gummy bear-inspired home decor!

Today I'm in the midst of moving so Jessie from one of my favorite blogs Mix and Chic is helping me out by doing a guest post. I love her "cool products alert"s because she's always finding the most amazing things, so I am so excited that she did one for me! 

Hi all! I am Jessie from MixAndChic, who blogs about chic and inspiring interiors, cool home decor products and anything interior design related. I am thrilled that Brooke asked me to guest post for her lovely blog. 

Today, I will be featuring a few beautiful and cool home products inspired by gummi bears. Let's take a look at some of these wonderful products inspired by the popular chewy candy below:


It is spectacular, isn't it? Believe it or not, this gorgeous chandelier is made out of real gummi bears! Unfortunately, it is a private collector's item and it's not available for sale. Up next is another beautiful light fixture named 'Candelier'.


This amazing chandelier is made out of approximately 5,000 hand-strung acrylic gummi bears and it took the designer about two months to complete. A limited edition, only 10 of these available! Next is the delightful 'GummiCone'.


These ice-cream beauties are made with solid rubber with LED light source and has 8 pretty colors for you to choose from! I think it would look great in a kid's room for a touch of whimsy. Up next is the 'GummiLights'.


These soft and rubbery candy-inspired lights are absolutely cool and adorable. They are fully battery operated so there are no cords to worry about. A perfect addition to any kid's space or for anyone who enjoys gummi bear candies!

Which product is your favorite?

For more information regarding these products, please visit www.jellio.com.

I am so, so smitten with that first chandelier! These are so cool; thanks Jessie!! To see more unique products for the home, visit Jessie's blog!


  1. Who knew gummi bears could make such a stylish home accessory! My favourite is that gorgeous chandelier in the first pic!

  2. Hi! I'm one of your new followers. I am passing along the Versatile Blogger award to you. Check it out here: http://bahousewifery.blogspot.com/search/label/Blog%20award

  3. Thanks Brooke for having me! My favorite is the the chandelier in the first picture, too.


  4. Awesome! Where do you find this stuff? :) I really love that chandelier, but I would have a hard time not eating it.

  5. I love that chandelier! I would prob think of ways to climb up there an eat it if I could!! ;) xo

  6. First one is definitely inspiring..how long would this chandelier last, I wonder.

  7. Such fun lighting and we should have fun w/ our decor! Great guest post.

    Good luck w/ your move!! xo

  8. How interesting! I would be too tempted to eat it....

  9. Another great guest post from our lovely Jessie! Yay! I'm in love with the first one! it's a shame it's not for sale.... ;( delicious finds! Xo

    - Urska @ Live.Create.Inspire

  10. Jessie, are you serious?! Gummy bears!!!! Never seen anything like it. Leave it to Jessie to find something eye popping! The first chandelier is amazing.

    Hugs to you both!


  11. Hey Jessie, followed you over from Mix and Chic. I loooove gummy bears! They might just be my favorite candy. I love that top chandelier! Freakin' awesome!! Now to check out the rest of this new (to me) blog...

  12. This is so much fun. With my husband around, I'd give that lamp a shelf life of two days!

  13. Thank you ladies for all your wonderful comments! You made my day! :)